On Being Human

Issue 260 • May/June 2010

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Education for Happiness

Education for human wellbeing and planetary sustainability.


Trees for Life •

The Billion Tree campaign has now planted over eight billion trees.

Mountains of Hope •

Creating community out of catastrophe.

Living Maps

How new GPS technologies are being used in the Amazon to protect Indigenous Lands.

Beyond the Barriers •

The Indigenous Theatre Company of Sierra Tarahumara.

The Smoky Spice

Mallorca's Slow Food movement revives its paprika heritage.


Going Back to Our Roots

Why the Green Movement urgently needs to revisit 'Small is Beautiful'.

Nuclear is not the Solution •

Exposing the myth that nuclear power is in any way green.

Why Wool Still Matters •

Stopping the demise of a sustainable and natural resource.

Nature Deficit Disorder

Extracts from Last Child in the Woods.

Hold Fast •

In the busy modern world fasting is a chance to slow down.


My son wants to be a hero •

Teaching children about saving the planet.

To Love, to be Loved •

Never forget your own insignificance.


Education is the Key •

The Prime Minister of Bhutan on the role of Gross National Happiness (GNH) in education.

Biocultural Diversity

Celebration •

We are one: a celebration of tribal peoples.

The Arts

In the Footsteps of the Masters

Artist Andrew Lacey is finding greener ways to work in bronze.

Making Trees •

A sculptor grapples with the limitations of his raw materials.

On Being Human •

Highlights from an exclusive intervew with the British sculptor Antony Gormley.

Casting a Spell •

The Mythic Garden is an expression of the garden as an art form.


A Sense of Place - A Life Entwined •

Spirit lives on in the orchard grass and mistflowers.

Pioneers - Georgina vs Goliath

Interview with anti-pesticide campaigner Georgina Downs.

Big Foot, Little Foot - Getting There •

How you travel affects how you feel when you arrive.

Recipes - New Twists on Old Favourites

Asparagus tartlets with an essence of elegant simplicity.

Nature Writers - The Hunter as Teacher •

The story of Dersu is an early example of environmentally conscious thought in popular literature.

The Occasional Didymus - Each to their Own •

Who needs SatNav when you can simply ask someone the way?

Opinion - What a lot of Hot Air •

We need a new e-tiquette to communicate more mindfully in the modern age.

Poetry - An Anthology of New Voices •

An appreciation of recently published poetry.

Members' Page - Start a Resurgence Readers' Group •

Readers' groups are an opportunity to get together, share ideas and enjoy seasonal food.

Letters to the Editors - Reaching Out


Awakening Consciousness

Review of Waking From Sleep: Why Awakening Experiences Occur and How to Make Them Permanent

A Step Beyond Science

Review of Reinventing the Sacred

Much Less Resistance

Review of A New Science of Life

A Zen Approach to Cooking

Review of The Complete Tassajara Cookbook and The Tassajara Bread Book

Aspiration or Taboo?

Review of On Kindness

System Reboot

Review of bazaars, conversations & freedom

Wild Grace

Review of Bird on a Wire

Agrofuels Are Not the Answer

Review of Agrofuels: Big Profits, Ruined Lives and Ecological Destruction

A Heartfelt Plea

Review of The Barefoot Beekeeper

Living Poetry

Review of The Secret Life of the Universe: The Quest for the Soul of Science

Walking Allowed

Review of Walking Aloud: Rambles in the Cherwell Valley

Web Exclusives

Article - An Interview with Antony Gormley

An exclusive intervew with the British sculptor Antony Gormley.

Article - Art in Nature &

In the foothills of Dartmoor, art, science and nature meet.

Article - Little Pink Puddings

Rhubarb and ginger puddings.

Article - Designing the Future

A co-operative global experiment to redesign civilisation.

Article - A Creative Unfolding

The Participatory Turn: Spirituality, Mysticism, Religious Studies

Article - Sacred Geometry

How the World is Made: The Story of Creation According to Sacred Geometry

Article - Fatally Flawed

We need new lifestyles and new ways of living.

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