Once Upon A Time

Issue 267 • July/August 2011

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The Story of Schumacher

Storytelling inspires imaginative solutions to the challenges we face


Summer Festivals

Celebrating diverse, creative festivals in the UK

Green and Away

Outdoor life encourages people to think differently

Festival Favourites

Highlighting a selection of this summer's small festivals

Stories for Change

Storytelling is a powerful tool for social change


I Believe in Unicorns

A short story by Michael Morpurgo

The Animals' Lawsuit Against Humanity Anon

A 1,000-year old anonymous tale that is just as relevant today


Once Upon A Time Anon

Scottish Traveller Proverb

The Ice Bear

Excerpt from the Ice Bear by Jackie Morris

Voluntary Agencies

Why Government agencies should raise money for voluntary agencies to spend

Happy Are Those

Happy are those who see beauty in modest places


Fighting the Greedy Ghosts

Communities should not be forced to outbid each other to save their libraries

The Power of Storytelling

Why we need more writers, poets and storytellers in our schools

Nonviolent Protest

How stories passed along by social networking have changed the political face of the Middle East

Energy Democracy

Building our energy future on Schumacher's Small is Beautiful model


Buddhist Economics

Revisiting Schumacher's rather radical ideas about an economy based on simplicity


Slow Travel - Saved by the Cavalry

The highs and lows of a true and unforgettable pilgrimage

A Sense of Place - Strong Roots

The bond between land, seasons, family and community gives us our true sense of place

Recipes - Big Society's Food

Disenchanted by the lack of will to change unsustainable food choices, our food writer is starting her own food-buying cooperative

Gardening - Daisy Trails

The star of the summer meadow is this humble, over-looked plant once known as the gardener's 'cure-all'

Opinion - Creativity and Wellbeing

There are benefits for everyone in the creation and sharing of art

Letters to the Editors - Dancing Together

A selection of letters from our readers

Poetry - Word Illuminating Word

The Poetry of Andy Brown

Members' Page - North Cornwall Resurgence Group

One way to stay sane is to reject the force-fed media diet of consumer-serving conformity

Members' Page - Tagore Sculpture Installation

Carving project inspired by Rabindranath Tagore

The Arts

Rainbow of Language

A profile of Patrick Jones, a painter who has truly mastered the art of allowing the work to emerge from within

Joan Miró

The Ladder of Escape exhibition at Tate Modern


Eminent Corporations

Review of Eminent Corporations: The Rise and Fall of the Great British Brands

Honest Hope

Review of The End of the Long Summer: Why We Must Remake Our Civilization to Survive on a Volatile Earth

A Symbolic Force

Review of Ruskin's Pond: A Photographic Study and Of Truth of Water

Spirit of the Place

Review of Towards Re-Enchantment: Place and Its Meanings

Into the Light

Review of The Soul of Leadership

Better Values

Review of Consumptionomics: Asia's Role in Reshaping Capitalism and Saving the Planet

Food Economy

Review of World on the Edge: How To Prevent Environmental and Economic Collapse

A Radical Agenda

Review of A Wiser Politics

Finding Salvation

Review of The Water Theatre

Shared Souls

Review of The Ice Bear and The King and the Seed

Deep Roots

Review of Ecomysticism: The Profound Experience of Nature as Spiritual Guide

Web Exclusives

Article - Word Quest

Exploring the literary heritage of Devon

Article - Uncivilisation &

The second Dark Mountain Festival addresses the issues of our changing world

Article - Inconvenient Truths

The truths surrounding nuclear power

Article - Poetry in Motion

When it comes to exploring the works of the great poets there is no better medium than film

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