Stubborn Optimism

Issue 320 • May/June 2020

issue cover 320

In this issue of Resurgence & Ecologist we take a look at the climate emergency challenges we face and the impact of the global pandemic.

Catherine Early speaks to Christiana Figueres about being a 'stubborn optimist' in the face of climate crisis, Harriet Lamb highlights climate solutions from across the world, and we visit a young activist taking a stand in India. In the Ecologist section, Brendan Montague discusses what is behind the spread of coronavirus and George Monbiot talks about connection. In Arts, poet laureate Simon Armitage tells Huw Wahl about his new environmental poetry prize.


  • Striking for the Climate under Lockdown: Dominique Palmer
  • The Virus is Capitalism: Brendan Montague
  • The Real Custodians of the Forest: Mya-Rose Craig
  • Challenging Power in India: Vandana K
  • The Politics of Love: Satish Kumar
  • Reshaping the World: Adam Weymouth reviews This Land is our Land

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The Tipping Point

Now is the time to reassess our way of life


Striking for Climate under Lockdown

School strikers are meeting the challenge of Covid-19 crisis

Communities and Covid-19

We must rise to meet anxiety with care

News From the Grassroots

A round up of environmental news stories

Dorothy MacLean: Obituary

A tribute to the co-founder of Findhorn


The Virus Is Capitalism

The decision to defend profit and not people has been a grave error

Returning the Polis to Politics

An interview with George Monbiot

Clearing the Airways

Celebrating a ground-breaking court ruling

The Real Custodians of the Forest

Colonial conservation is destroying biodiversity

A State of Good Repair

We can restore even the most broken ecosystems

We Are Not Tourists Here

On the trail of Mary Midgely


Time to Choose &

Looking back at the Paris Agreement with a message for the future


Climate Solutions - The Stubborn Optimist

Christiana Figueres on how to remain optimistic in the face of climate disasters

Climate Solutions - Champions of the Future

Communities around the world are creating climate solutions

Climate Solutions - Challenging Power in India

Meet Ridhima Pandey - the girl who took the Indian government to court

Wisdom and Wellbeing

The Politics of Love

Recollecting Mahatma Gandhi's philosophy of love for all

The 'Big Apple'

Reflecting on the legacy of Johnny Appleseed

West Wind

Breathing the ocean air and connecting with nature

Dear Mother…

An interview with Kay Michael, co-founder of Letters to the Earth

A Cup of Tea For Troubled Times

A recipe for golden immune-boosting tea with lemon, ginger and turmeric

The Arts

Giving Poetry Back to the Land

Poet Laureate Simon Armitage on his Laurel Poetry Prize

Seeding Change

A new exhibition exploring how to future-proof Nature


Poetry - Uncharted Landscapes of the Heart

Poems that open up our 'common world'

Letters to the Editors - Letters to the Editor

A selection of letters to our editor


Migrations in Space

Review of Film Review: Swarm Season


Review of Global Hive: What the Bee Crisis Teaches Us about Building a Sustainable World

The Common Good

Review of Free, Fair and Alice: The Insurgent Power of the Commons

Reshaping The World

Review of This Land is Our Land

Essence of Fox

Review of The Hidden World of the Fox

Rejoice in Insects

Review of Emperors, Admirals & Chimney Sweepers: The Weird and Wonderful Names of Butterflies and Moths

Love Mail

Review of Letters to the Earth: Writing to a Planet in Crisis

Out of The Comfort Zone

Review of Climate Psychology: On Indifference to Disaster

Web Exclusives

Article - Voice of The Earth

Coronavirus maybe the voice of the Earth. What is our response to her? 

Article - Kenny Young: Obituary &

A tribute to a truly gifted songwriter, musician and producer

Review - Of Rats and Men

Review of The Enchantment of the Long-haired Rat: A Rodent History of Australia

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