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The New Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework

Issue 337 • March/April 2023 • Love is a verb > Ecologist

Reporting on the deal signed at COP15 which puts Indigenous rights on a new footing

Methane Holds the Key

Issue 336 • January/February 2023 • Immersion > Ecologist

Former head of Greenpeace on why cutting methane emissions should be a priority now

Empowering Local Politics

Issue 335 • November/December 2022 • Positive Energy > Positive Action

New guidance helps councils plan for a net zero future

A Climate Conundrum

Issue 334 • September/October 2022 • Trouble Brewing > Coffee

Exploring coffee's carbon footprint

Fifteen-minute Cities

Issue 331 • March/April 2022 • Making Change > Ecologist

Carlos Moreno has an idea about transforming urban life

Building Blocks

Issue 329 • November/December 2021 • Living Cities > Positive Action

COP26 promises focus on a previously neglected issue

Emissions Test

Issue 328 • September/October 2021 • Tipping point > Undercurrents

Looking at the pros and cons of net zero

From NGO to Social Justice Network

Issue 323 • November/December 2020 • Life in the Dark > Ecologist

An interview with Oxfam GB CEO Danny Sriskandarajah

Rock Against Racism

Issue 323 • November/December 2020 • Life in the Dark > Reviews

Review of Documentary: White Riot

Conservationist Fights to Protect Brazil's 'gardeners of the forest'

Issue 321 • July/August 2020 • Recovery Time > Frontline

A grassroots conservation project to protect the Tapirs

Climate Solutions - The Stubborn Optimist

Issue 320 • May/June 2020 • Stubborn Optimism > Undercurrents > Climate Solutions

Christiana Figueres on how to remain optimistic in the face of climate disasters

Seeing the World for the Trees

Issue 319 • March/April 2020 • Give and Take > Ecologist

Global tree-planting schemes combating biodiversity loss

Food Futures

Issue 319 • March/April 2020 • Give and Take > Reviews

Review of The Fate of Food: What We'll Eat in a Bigger, Hotter, Smarter World

Reconnecting with Nature in the Ashes of War

Issue 318 • January/February 2020 • A Lot on Our Plates > Frontline

Reporting on the work of award-winning environmentalist Adjany Costa

Planning a Just Future for Scotland

Issue 318 • January/February 2020 • A Lot on Our Plates > Ecologist

Young people need to be involved in a just transition

Mission Status

Issue 317 • November/December 2019 • Where Do We Grow From Here? > Frontline

In conversation with Andrew Higham, chief executive of Mission 2020

Geared Up To Go Neutral

Issue 316 • September/October 2019 • Listen Up! > Ecologist

Copenhagen is leading the way

Resting in Peace with Nature

Issue 313 • March/April 2019 • Regeneration > Ethical Living

Reporting on the growing movement for natural burials

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