Building Back Hope

Issue 326 • May/June 2021

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In this issue, we look at a ‘Green Recovery’. It can be easy to feel that ‘building back better’ is an impossible dream, but as our feature articles show, we are already building the foundations.

We hear from Change the Rules, a project mapping communities developing local economic models to protect the planet. Jonathan Neale explores the need for global solidarity over ‘climate jobs’ to forge a green transition, and think tank ‘Common Wealth’ helps us visualise what tenement life in Glasgow would look like under a green recovery.

Lesley Riddoch calls for a renaissance of the Scottish hut to better connect us with Nature, and Katie Dancey-Downs describes how young people are setting the stage for eco-activism in theatres.

By connecting with each other to rebuild our communities and connection with Nature, we can create a Green Recovery and show others what a better future can look like.

We hope you enjoy our selection of free articles from this issue of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine.


  • Defending our Forests: Helen Dancer
  • A Questions of Development: Tsitsina Xavante
  • Reframing Economics: Herbert Girardet
  • A Call for Green Sabbaths: Jonathan Schorsch
  • The Fabric of Resilience: Claire Wellesley-Smith

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Green Recovery

We can create a better future by connecting with Nature and each other


Fighting for Clean Air

An interview with Anjali Raman-Middleton, co-founder of Choked Up

Legal protection for Nature

Landmark legal action on climate change, and renewed calls to protect Nature

News on Beavers

Challenging the policy on beavers, plus news from the Beaver Trust

News from the Grassroots

A round up of environmental news


Defending our Forests

Are Rights of Nature the answer?

A Question of Development

To look forward, Brazil has to accept its violent past

All the World in a Welsh Black Oat &

A photo essay from the Gaia Foundation

A Plant of Good Fortune

Extolling the virtue of clover

Cabin Fever

Calling for a renaissance of the Scottish hut

All Aboard

Building a boat has connected people with their home and its history


A Call for Green Sabbaths

A weekly day of rest is an environmental remedy


Green Recovery - A Fairer Future Beyond Covid

Communities are already leading the way

Green Recovery - Putting Change on the Map

Celebrating communities forging a sustainable future

Green Recovery - Reframing Economics

A 12-point plan for recovery

Green Recovery - Working For A Future

We need global solidarity over 'climate jobs'

Green Recovery - On the Money

A new report 'The Inequality Virus' calls for lasting structural change

Green Recovery - Visualising the Future

Glasgow gets a glimpse of what could be

Wisdom and Wellbeing

Legacy of Love

Reflections on politics and poetry

The Fabric of Resilience

Sharing a project connecting people, place and plants

Women of Words

Setting the scene for a new anthology

Words of the Wise

A search for wisdom

The Arts

Acting for the Earth

Young actors are bringing eco-activism to the theatre

Staging the Climate Storm

Theatre-makers have a duty to raise the alarm

Containers Matter

Exploring an exhibition by Baldwin & Guggisberg

A Corridor Through Time

We talk to Will Coleman about a record-breaking labyrinth


Letters to the Editors - Letters to the Editor

A selection of letters from our readers


Growing Pains

Review of Exploring Degrowth: A Critical Guide, and Post-Growth Living: For an Alternative Hedonism

How Can We Agree?

Review of How to Disagree: Negotiating Difference in a Divided World

From the Beginning

Review of I Am Greta: B-Reel Films

Home Alone

Review of The Lonely Century: Coming Together in a World That's Pulling Apart

Small, Wonderful World

Review of A Still Life: A Memoir

Migration: A Climate Solution

Review of The Next Great Migration: The Story of Movement on a Changing Planet

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