Ocean Glories

Issue 345 • July/August 2024

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The July/August issue sets out to really inspire people to think about ‘Ocean Glories’ and the marvels that we lose when we don’t take better care of our oceans. We celebrate why we love the ocean and marine life and share stories about people who are taking positive action to halt its destruction.

From the excerpt from ethologist Jonathan Balcombe’s wonderful book What a Fish Knows to ocean writer and regular contributor Melissa Hobson talking to marine scientists, this is a theme designed to get us all geared up for action, and the Making Waves feature in this issue has some suggestions for where to start.

With so many doing so much – yet it is still not enough. It feels as if we are in the last chance saloon, and still most people are not listening. What will it take?

In March 1968, the Senegalese forestry engineer and environmentalist Baba Dioum, shared the following wisdom in a paper presented at the triennial meeting of the General Assembly of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature: “In the end, we will conserve only what we love, [and] we will love only what we understand.”

If we don’t understand anything else, we surely by now understand that our ocean is dying, as are the creatures that live in the sea, that they need our help, and that the time to step up and act is now.


  • Movement Power: Brendan Montague
  • The rights of nature: Becca Blease
  • United we can thrive: Caroline Lucas
  • The mysterious root people: Paul Evans
  • Celebrating a cultural tipping point: Helen Moore

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Last chance saloon…

The time to step up and act is now


Resurgence Ripples

News from our community - inspiring people to take positive action

Letters to the Editor

A selection of letters to our editor


Editors' Picks

We share our top three stories from the news website focused on environmental, social and economic justice

Movement power

Introducing a new Ecologist online series exploring a hybrid model of activism and campaigning

The Rights of Nature

What we do to nature, we do to ourselves

Connected Life

The magic of stargazing &

Relating two different experiences of stargazing

Sprouting alternatives

The story behind the creation of eco-friendly toilet paper Naked Sprout

We Feed The UK

A nationwide storytelling initiative showing the potential of food systems to solve the big issues

Feature Articles

United we can thrive

An extract from Caroline Lucas' new book Another England

Ocean Glories

Still so much we just don't know

Sharing the big question marine biologists are asking

Making Waves

Some ways we can get involved to take better care of our ocean

What remains is fading quickly

Artist's statement from a Miami-based coral conservation artist

The misunderstood fish

Reason after reason to stop thinking of fish an anything less than extraordinary and conscious

Praise Song for Oceania

A poem for World Oceans Day

Wisdom and Wellbeing

The mysterious root people

Exploring the history of rhizotomi

River maps

Introducing the nature-inspired work of a composer

The meaning of love

Offering a very personal manifesto and promise of love

Art and Culture

In the dark woods… playing

A new work inspired by Scottish woodland

Melting Ice | Rising Tides

An interview with artist Emma Stibbon

Celebrating a cultural tipping point

ECOPOETIKON is building a network of solidarity and highlighting the voices of ecopoets from across the globe

Listening to an-other &

Joining poet Suzannah V. Evans to listen to the beings under the sea


R is for realism

Review of H is for Hope

Radical Change

Review of Change Everything: How We Can Rethink, Repair and Rebuild society

Private sufficiency and public luxury

Review of The Invisible Doctrine: The Secret History of Neoliberalism

Rebalancing the role of the wolf

Review of Hunt for the Shadow Wolf: The Lost History of Wolves in Britain and the Myths and Stories that Surround them

Dancing in the Rain

Review of In All Weathers: A Journey through Rain, Fog, Wind, Ice and Everything in Between

Rebalancing to reach neutral

Review of Possible: Ways to Net Zero

Power to the People

Review of If I Ruled the World (podcast)

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