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Author Profile: Paul Evans

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Rosebay Willowherb •

Issue 287 • November/December 2014 • The Future We Want and the One We Can't Afford > Quotes

An extract from Herbaceous

An Elephant in the Woods

Issue 280 • September/October 2013 • A Green Manifesto > Reviews

Review of Feral: Searching for Enchantment on the Frontiers of Rewilding

Article - Bearing Down on Wildlife

Issue 277 • March/April 2013 • The Quiet Revolution > Web Exclusives > Article

Sections of rural society are still using wildlife as scapegoats

Pricing Nature

Issue 275 • November/December 2012 • Pricing Nature > Ecologist

The take over of environmentalism by neo-liberals is a confidence trick

The Tragedy of Biodiversity

Issue 262 • September/October 2010 • Embodied Wisdom > Undercurrents

Why conservation mus change to 'stand up' for the whole of nature.