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Author Profile: David Ehrenfeld

David Ehrenfeld is Professor of Biology in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, Rutgers University, New Jersey. He is the author of Swimming Lessons: Keeping Afloat in the Age of Technology.

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An Opposing View of Nature •

Issue 253 • March/April 2009 • Economics of Place > Reviews

Review of Extract from Becoming Good Ancestors.


Issue 239 • November/December 2006 • A Far Cry from Christmas > Undercurrents

Most of those advocating the new energy technologies are not suggesting any reduction in overall energy consumption.


Issue 234 • January/February 2006 • Earth, Wealth and Wellbeing > Reviews

Review of The Splendor of Creation by Ellen Bernstein


Issue 193 • March/April 1999 • Deterrence - Nature - Wild > Feature Articles

The word "obsolete" comes much too easily to our tongues.


Issue 186 • January/February 1998 • Natural Spirituality > Feature Articles

Genetic engineering is justified as a humane technique that feeds more people with better food. Nothing could be further from the truth.