Economics of Place

Issue 253 • March/April 2009

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Economics of Place

Economic recovery must be based on ecological and ethical values.


Rights For Nature

Legal systems must be aligned with the laws of nature.

Forest Schools

Learning through experience of the natural world.

Peace Village

The power of community is stronger than fear.

Solar Subsidies

Carbon offsetting schemes in Madagascar.

Write to Freedom

Helping prisoners find meaning in their lives.


Planet Crunch

Nine meals from anarchy and still in denial.


Why should banks have the privilege of creating a nation's wealth?

Steady-State Economics

Economic growth has already become uneconomic.

A Revolutionary Idea

Stabilising the economic sector with alternative currency.

Ecology, Economy, Equity, Ethics

Leading economists and activists produce the E4 Declaration.


The world has changed

We can no longer afford indifference.

Biocultural Diversity

Restorative Justice

To protect our planet we need a Universal Declaration of Planetary Rights.

Biosphere Stories

Acknowledging the cultural significance of birds.

Nuclear Nightmare

What is the truth behind the claims and counter-claims of the nuclear industry?

What do you mean indigenous?

Opposing worldviews.


Carbon Budget

Ensuring entitlements to energy whilst meeting target emissions reduction.

Where Spirit Lies

Challenging the status quo creates space for new culture to be born.

The Original Sin

The 'unmaking' of the most biodiverse ecosystem in the USA.

A Master Key

Understanding the real meaning of beauty.

The Arts

Rainbow Earth

The geological research that can lead to exciting new paints.

Rock Music, Rock Art

A unique collaboration of sulptors, musicians, ancient traditions and modern techniques.

Compelling Colours

The work of Mark Rothko.


Voice From The South - Wealth of Nature

Agriculture based on ecological laws is the solution to the food crisis.

Letter from America - Midnight Cowboy

George Bush's last stand.

Nature Writers - Downland Eden

H. J. Massingham's writing eloquently encapsulates intrinsic beauty.

Poetry - When she named fire

Poetry can utterly change the way we interact with the world.

Short Story - The Tree Man

A murmur like the sea came from the hillsides; it was the wind in the trees.

Letters to the Editors

Members' Page - Spring Into Action!

Enjoy the seasonal pleasure of planting.


An Opposing View of Nature

Review of Extract from Becoming Good Ancestors.

Wood Matters

Review of The Woodland Year.

Gentle Action

Review of Gentle Action: Bringing Creative Change to a Turbulent World.

Beyond Certitude

Review of The Virtues of Ignorance.

Certain Peril

Review of Uncertain Peril: Genetic Engineering and the Future of Seeds.

Evolution of a New Paradigm

Review of Holistic Education: Learning from Schumacher College.

The Ecology of Circumstance

Review of Beechcombings: The Narratives of Trees.

Conscious Awakening

Review of The Bridge at the Edge of the World.

Water Explorations

Review of Take Me to the Source: In Search of Water.

Family Fortunes

Review of Third Ways

Web Exclusives

Article - Housing for Happiness

Good urban design can predispose people towards happier lives.

Article - Karas

How the changing face of allotments is helping people adapt to climate change.

Article - Rocky Mountain Music

A feint reflection of each community reveals itself during the concert.

Article - Writing the Wind

Literature is a sources of guidance for the task of renewal.

Review - Dumbing Us Down

Review of Exposing the unspoken principle functions of enforced schooling

Review - The Value of Solitude

Review of Solitude challenges us to face our inner darkness.

Review - Troubled Travels

Review of Countries of the Silk Road face as many challenges now as they have done throughout history.

Review - Hedgerow Herbal

Review of Common plants and 'weeds' are better for us than cultivated fruit and vegetables.

Review - Vuzpegs

Review of Studying, protecting and befriending hedgehogs.

Satish’s Blog - Should we give up our nukes?

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