Leading the Field

Issue 315 • July/August 2019

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Leading the Field

Protest and policies to move forward together


Rebelling from a Nonviolent Heart

Love is the most strategic force in the world

Police Tactics

Resurgence spoke to Liam Geary Baulch, action art logistics for Extinction Rebellion

Baladi - Rooted Resistance

A multimedia project highlighting agro-resistance in Palestine

News from Resurgence

Updates on the Resurgence Centre and the Festival of Wellbeing

News From the Grass Roots

A round up of environmental news from around the world

Obituary - Polly Higgins

Eco-activist and legal pioneer Polly Higgins dies at 50


The End of Nature 30 years on

Bill McKibben co-founder of 350.org reflects on a 30 years of climate activism

A Song for the Swallow

A poem from Letters to the Earth, an international cultural response to the ecological emergency

Disposable Culture

A festival can be environmentally friendly

A Journey of 'Unlearning'

Favelos have a lot to teach us

Staying Power

How do we sustain public interest in climate breakdown?

Branching Out

Trees can inspire community spirit


The Climate Justice Now Generation

Mary Robinson on why we need to listen to young people for the sake of their future


Farming - The Banana Effect

The time is ripe to save this vital and vulnerable crop

Farming - Eating Up Emissions

A new report shows reforesting farmland could slow global warming

Farming - Imagining a Brave New World

How farming may change post Brexit

Farming - Food Forests

A grassroots initiative to turn plots of land into self-regulating ecosystems

Farming - Return of the Cranes

Their revival offers hope for wetland species

Farming - A Balanced Diet

China's food choices have a global impact

Ethical Living

Raising the Bar

Activist-entrepreneur Geetie Singh-Watson on ethical business and activism

In the Company of Cows

Sharing quietness can provide great healing

Bringing it home

David Spero's photographs of low impact homes have never been more pertinent

Land is Life

Inspired by two farmers working in Transylvania

Creating a Chakra Garden &

Experts from Findhorn share some tips

Deep Water

Enjoying the living presence of the river

The Arts

Reflections on Nature

Delight in the work of glass artist and educator Dale Chinhuly

Meadow Sweet

Jessica Albarn's budding project

Twilight, the Trickster

Losing yourself at the waking edge of night


Poetry - Visions in Ditches

Reflections on the work of Jeremy Hooker

Letters to the Editor

A selection of letters to our editor

Members' Page

Sharing ideas and reconnecting with Nature through Resurgence Groups


Future Fossils

Review of Underland: A Deep Time Journey

Finding 'extra' in ordinary

Review of The Enchanted Life: Unlocking the Magic of Everyday

Home Truths

Review of ZEDlife: How to Build a Low-Carbon Society Today

The Power of Vulnerability

Review of The Bright Sessions

High and Low Seasons

Review of The Wild Remedy: How Nature Mends Us - A Diary

Permaculture From the Heart

Review of Permaculture Design Companion: A Practical Workbook for Integrating People and Place

Where We Can Go From Here

Review of The World Made Otherwise: Sustaining Humanity in a Threatened World

Birdwatching With The Taliban

Review of The Snow Leopard Project: And Other Adventures in Warzone Conservation

Web Exclusives

Article - Teacher of the Future

We need to develop in children free minds that are not enslaved to consumerism

Article - Regenerative Farming For the Future

Reporting on the success of a pioneering agricultural project near Stroud

Article - Women are catalysts for improving livelihoods in rural India

An organic farming initiative in Tamil Nadu is changing lives

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