Leading the Field

Issue 315 • July/August 2019

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Leading the Field

Protest and policies to move forward together


Rebelling from a Nonviolent Heart

Love is the most strategic force in the world

Police Tactics

Resurgence spoke to Liam Geary Baulch, action art logistics for Extinction Rebellion

Baladi - Rooted Resistance •

A multimedia project highlighting agro-resistance in Palestine

News from Resurgence •

Updates on the Resurgence Centre and the Festival of Wellbeing

News From the Grass Roots •

A round up of environmental news from around the world

Obituary - Polly Higgins •

Eco-activist and legal pioneer Polly Higgins dies at 50


The End of Nature 30 years on •

Bill McKibben co-founder of 350.org reflects on a 30 years of climate activism

A Song for the Swallow •

A poem from Letters to the Earth, an international cultural response to the ecological emergency

Disposable Culture

A festival can be environmentally friendly

A Journey of 'Unlearning' •

Favelos have a lot to teach us

Staying Power

How do we sustain public interest in climate breakdown?

Branching Out •

Trees can inspire community spirit


The Climate Justice Now Generation •

Mary Robinson on why we need to listen to young people for the sake of their future


Farming - The Banana Effect •

The time is ripe to save this vital and vulnerable crop

Farming - Eating Up Emissions •

A new report shows reforesting farmland could slow global warming

Farming - Imagining a Brave New World

How farming may change post Brexit

Farming - Food Forests

A grassroots initiative to turn plots of land into self-regulating ecosystems

Farming - Return of the Cranes •

Their revival offers hope for wetland species

Farming - A Balanced Diet •

China's food choices have a global impact

Ethical Living

Raising the Bar •

Activist-entrepreneur Geetie Singh-Watson on ethical business and activism

In the Company of Cows •

Sharing quietness can provide great healing

Bringing it home •

David Spero's photographs of low impact homes have never been more pertinent

Land is Life

Inspired by two farmers working in Transylvania

Creating a Chakra Garden &

Experts from Findhorn share some tips

Deep Water •

Enjoying the living presence of the river

The Arts

Reflections on Nature •

Delight in the work of glass artist and educator Dale Chinhuly

Meadow Sweet

Jessica Albarn's budding project

Twilight, the Trickster •

Losing yourself at the waking edge of night


Poetry - Visions in Ditches •

Reflections on the work of Jeremy Hooker

Letters to the Editor

A selection of letters to our editor

Members' Page •

Sharing ideas and reconnecting with Nature through Resurgence Groups


Future Fossils

Review of Underland: A Deep Time Journey

Finding 'extra' in ordinary

Review of The Enchanted Life: Unlocking the Magic of Everyday

Home Truths

Review of ZEDlife: How to Build a Low-Carbon Society Today

The Power of Vulnerability

Review of The Bright Sessions

High and Low Seasons

Review of The Wild Remedy: How Nature Mends Us - A Diary

Permaculture From the Heart

Review of Permaculture Design Companion: A Practical Workbook for Integrating People and Place

Where We Can Go From Here

Review of The World Made Otherwise: Sustaining Humanity in a Threatened World

Birdwatching With The Taliban

Review of The Snow Leopard Project: And Other Adventures in Warzone Conservation

Web Exclusives

Article - Teacher of the Future

We need to develop in children free minds that are not enslaved to consumerism

Article - Regenerative Farming For the Future

Reporting on the success of a pioneering agricultural project near Stroud

Article - Women are catalysts for improving livelihoods in rural India

An organic farming initiative in Tamil Nadu is changing lives

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