A New Moral Compass

Issue 270 • January/February 2012

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Money and Morality

True wealth is created by imagination, creativity and skill


Making Ecocide the Fifth Crime Against Peace

Polluters are put on trial to protect the Earth's right to life

A Heart of Gold in the Heart of Darkness

Caring for people and wildlife in the midst of conflict

Curricular Correctness

An academy school in Tipton is going green

Stars of Sustainability

Green careers charity celebrates 15 years of success

A Little Patch of Ground

Encountering the theatrics of growing food


Modern Man

Battle with Nature


The Occupy Movement

A photo essay

The 99%

How the Occupy movement reflects the democratic values of Indigenous peoples

A New Moral Compass

What we will need to rebuild a truly stable and fairer society

Another Kind of World

Paving the way for a more caring society

What's the Hurry?

The first thing we all need to do is Slow It All Down

Making Life More Meaningful

Forget competition: it's cooperation that makes the world go around

The Real Choice

Why we all need to live by example and focus now on our spiritual growth

Silent Spring

It's 50 years since Rachel Carson's ground-breaking book sparked a firestorm


What Will Your Legacy Be?

The case for making Ecocide the fifth crime against peace

Biocultural Diversity

Songlines of Freedom

How the people of West Papua use music and song to tell their stories


Sensible Solutions - Water Retention Landscapes

There is a simple and natural solution to water scarcity

Sensible Solutions - The Reluctant Rebels

Green energy campaigners at the forefront of Germany's new industrial revolution

Sensible Solutions - Survival of the Smallest

We need to create integrated networks of small-scale producers to provide our food

Education - The Garden Classroom

Giving inner-city people experience of growing things has never been more timely

Letters to the Editors - The Happy Museum

A selection of letters from our readers

A Sense of Place - Abraham's Path

Retracing Abraham's legendary journey through the Middle East

Poetry - Poet of Transformation

Celebrating the poetry of Peter Abbs

Members' Page - Special Offers

Animate Earth and What on Earth? Wallbook of Natural History

Members' Page - What Can You Buy With 15p?

Fundraising for The Resurgence Trust

The Arts

Inspiring Change

The prophetic and striking work of Gustav Metzger

A Mysterious Partnership

Exploring the profound relationship between an artist's head and hands

Out of Silence

Investigating the 'other-worldly' source of creativity


Wonder Will Guide Us

Review of The Journey of the Universe

Alchemical Heart

Review of A Fabrication of Gold

Mind the Gap

Review of How To Grow Winter Vegetables

Ancient Teachers

Review of The Global Forest: 40 Ways Trees Can Save Us

A Lively Record

Review of The Wave Hub Chronicles

Original Thinking

Review of An Ecology of Mind

A Film for Our Time

Review of Animate Earth

Web Exclusives

Article - Imagining the Happy Museum

Museums can play a valuable part in the wellbeing of communities

Article - Reflections on Tahrir

Reporting on events in Cairo

Article - Bringing Heaven to Earth

The role of a shaman in contemporary Western society

Review - Laissez-Faire Capitalism

Review of Where Does Money Come From? A Guide to the UK Monetary and Banking System

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