Animals: A New Ethics

Issue 271 • March/April 2012

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A Dual Agenda &

It's time for the environmental movement to embrace the cause of animal rights

Animals: A New Ethics

The Call for Change

It's high time we came into right relationship with animals

The Last Frontier

Misleading legislation fails to protect animals from cruelty

What Might Have Been

If only we had followed the path of Saint Francis of Assisi

Saving the World

There's only one diet that makes sense if you're green

The Final Journey

How we can all make a difference

If Slaughterhouses had Glass Walls

The secret world of the killing floor


Why we need to end all animal experimentation

Learning from Animals

The rich, complex, inner lives of non-human animals

Our Relationship with Animals

Our treatment of animals is badly out of step with our understanding of them

The Animal Manifesto

Treat us better or leave us alone


Changing Attitudes in China

Reporting on animal welfare in Asia

Displaced Dogs

Animal welfare work in Sierra Leone

Victims of War

The forgotten victims of Egypt's recent revolution

Turning the Tide

Campaign to stop whale hunting on the Faroe Islands


The Greatness of Nations

Treating animals with respect

Animals: A New Ethics

Learning from animals


Pioneers - Henry Salt

The author of 'Animal Rights' was a man ahead of his time

Action - A Clear Message

The bullfighting industry is outrageously cruel

Campaigning - A Scandalous Falsehood

Culling badgers is not the solution to Bovine TB

Recipes - A Taste of Italy

Hazelnut and celery Risotto and Panforte Nero

Voice From The South - Plastic Cow

The tragedy of cows in India

A Sense of Place - Born Free

What does a sense of place mean for animals?

Poetry - Chattel

Questioning inaction

Poetry - Luv Song

I am in luv wid a hedgehog

Letters to the Editors

A selection of letters from our readers

Members' Page - Animal Rescue &

Working on the frontline of animal rescue

The Arts

A Natural Empath

Expressionist Franz Marc's unique portrayal of animals

Elephant Art

How Asian elephants are painting their future


Happy Beings

Review of The Exultant Ark: A Pictorial Tour of Animal Pleasures

Nature's Way

Review of Wild Justice: The Moral Lives of Animals

The Question Is, Can They Suffer?

Review of Speciesism, Painism and Happiness: A Morality for the Twenty-First Century

An American Exposé

Review of Dominion: The Power of Man, the Suffering of Animals, and the Call to Mercy

Fins in Focus

Review of Do Fish Feel Pain?

A Shared History

Review of Pig

The Animal Rights 'Bible' &

Review of Animal Liberation

Heritage of Hope

Review of The Age of Empathy: Nature's Lessons for a Kinder Society

Thinking Inclusively

Review of Nonviolence Includes Animals

Web Exclusives

Article - Blood on Ice

The long campaign to end the Canadian seal-hunt

Article - One Dog at a Time

Pioneering animal welfare in Afghanistan

Article - A New Era for Animal Advocay

Closing the gap between animals' intrinsic values and the reality of their status

Article - Four Short Biographies

Exposing the pitiful lives of a battery chicken, a turkey, a dairy cow and a breeding sow

Article - Fighting the Fur Trade

The fur trade is one of the cruellest industries on Earth

Article - Blue Fox

Keeping the hunting ban in place will protect wild mammals from unnecessary suffering

Article - Close Encounter

An unexpected encounter with a Swiss fox

Article - Breaking Down the Species Barrier

An ethical code for animals

Article - Whale Nation

Heathcote William inspired an international campaign against whale-hunting

Article - Whale Song

Extracts from the epic poem Whale Nation

Article - Solitude

A poem from the Born Free Foundation Anniversary Collection

Article - Life Cairn II

Planting a seed of peace

Article - Bully Befrienders

Rescuing the bull breed dogs

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