Issue 288
January/February 2015
Power to the People

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Small Ideas Big Future

Social justice, environment and peace are more important than ever


Apple Tops Greenpeace Gadget Survey

The environmental impact of hi-tech gadgets

Building Blocks from Bags •

Making building blocks from plastics in India

The House that Waste Built •

Strategies for building low-energy, permanent buildings from waste material

Action From the Grass Roots •

Grass roots initiatives around the globe

Festival of Wellbeing •

Soil, soul and making connections


Trust the People •

The Scottish independence campaign has reawakened the thirst for localism and democracy

Devolution: The Cities Are Ready and Waiting •

The mayor of Bristol argues for greater urban autonomy

A Handful of Hope •

A poetic project that gives voice to a people's constitution

Time for a Constitutional Convention &

A citizen-led constitution is needed to give real power to the people

The News Where You Are •

Reflecting on media alienation

A Crisis This Big Changes Everything

Naomi Klein outlines the need for radical change

Fossil Fuels: The Toxic Relationship •

Calling for an end to pollution subsidies

We Are Soil •

The need for organic stewardship

It's Anything But Dirt

A holistic approach to the science of soil

My Green Life •

An interview with Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation


The Tree •

Extract from a William Blake poem


Lost For Words •

A plea for the appreciation of language, literature and the use of well-crafted words


The Market is the New Religion •

Apologists for unbridled capitalism overlook it's ancestry and its limitations

Every Little Helps •

Lifestyle changes can all add up

Ethical Living

The Buddha and the Sacred Earth

Examining Buddhist attitudes to Nature

On Trial: A Way of Life •

A community fighting against climate change in Alaska

Words of Power •

Poetry inspired by renewable energy

When the Grass is Not Greener

Planting an alternative to the traditional lawn

Sourdough - but oh, so sweet •

A recipe for making sourdough bread

A Tribute to David Nicholson-Lord •

Reflecting on the work of regular contributor and author of Up the Elephant Round the Castle


Letters to the Editors

A selection of letters to our editors


A brain teaser full of ecological clues

Poetry - One Spade of Earth •

New translations by Martyn Crucefix

The Arts

Music Is My Religion •

An interview with Amjad Ali Khan, India's master of the sarod

Nature Through the Lens

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition

Art - By the People, For the People •

A new exhibition on the visionary William Morris

A Treasure Cave of Sacred Geometry

Understanding Nature's patterns through the teaching of geometry


The Prophet of Gaia

Review of A Rough Ride to the Future

Hawk on the Wild Side

Review of H is for Hawk

Shared Wealth Need Not Be Lost

Review of Think Like a Commoner: A Short Introduction to the Life of the Commons

The Answer Lies in the Soil

Review of The Soil Will Save Us: How Scientists, Farmers, and Foodies Are Healing the Soil to Save the Planet

Speaking Up For Fish and Bees

Review of Farmageddon: The True Cost of Cheap Meat

Feet First

Review of A Philosophy of Walking

Wise Old Codgers

Review of Proteus and the Magician: The Letters of Henry Miller and John Cowper Powys

Web Exclusives

Article - A Guardian Landscape

Exploring a new sculpture garden in Cornwall

Article - Remembering Bhopal

Bhopal marks a political, economic and legal watershed for India and the planet.

Review - Doing - with consciousness

Review of The Unselfish Spirit: Human Evolution in a Time of Global Crisis

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