Lines of Hope

Issue 292 • September/October 2015

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Visions of Hope, Ways of Seeing

A poet's holistic view of Nature, social justice and the world can inspire us


Climate Protests Target Fossil-Fuel Firms

Transition to more renewable energy solutions is possible

World's Water Wells Running Dry

Satellite data shows that aquifers running dry

News From the Grassroots

Reports from around the world

New Health Curbs Urged on Wi-Fi and Mobile Phones

Scientists have urged the UN to place stricter controls on mobile phones and Wi-fi

Tributes for Nek Chand

The artist who created the magical Rock Garden in Chandigarh is honoured


No Room in the Market

A new breed of housing activists are having an impact

Nature and Joy

How the natural world can inspire us

Framing the Climate Talks &

A guide for environmental action in the run up to the Paris Climate Summit

Why Are Indian Farmers Dying?

The impact of industrialised agriculture on small farmers


Visions of Heaven

The influence and inspiration of William Blake


Islam's Warrior for Peace

Reflections on the life of Badshah Khan the 'Muslim Gandhi'

I Speak for the Earth

An introduction to Gaia Theory, first published in Resurgence 1988

Green Mantras for a Sustainable World

Exploring the Hindu view of Nature

Health and Harmony

Finding universal value in the work of J.S. Bach

Slow, Small and Simple

Keibo Oiwa in conversation with Satish Kumar

Paradise Lost and Found

Navigating changing environments

Ethical Living

Sanity and Sanitation

Waste can be an asset rather than a liability

Choosing Love

Finding compassion in the face of despair

Doggedly Devoted

Pondering the canine conundrum

Jailed: A Political Painter

An Amnesty International appeal

Soil Wisdom

The time has come to celebrate the source of life

Valley of the Dammed

Vineyards at risk

Better Baking is on the Rise

Real bread is gaining popularity

The Arts

He Walks the Lines

Richard Long talks about his work and new exhibition in Bristol

A Temple for the Self

Sandy Brown's dramatic ceramic temple takes shape


Poetry - Fusing Nature and Consciousness

Revisiting the poetry of Walt Whitman

Letters to the Editors

A selection of letters to our editors


A brainteaser full of ecological clues


The Price of Everything

Review of Natural Capital: Valuing the Planet and What Nature Does for Britain

End of An Epoch?

Review of The Anthropocene: The Human Era and How it Shapes Our Planet and Adventures in the Anthropocene: A Journey into the Heart of the Planet We Made

Toxic Legacies

Review of Toms River

Get the Drift

Review of Plankton: Wonders of a Drifting World

There Are Alternatives

Review of The Buddha on Wall Street: What's Wrong with Capitalism and What We Can Do about It

Words to Change the World

Review of Degrowth: A vocabulary for a New Era

Sea Creatures, Sea Cultures?

Review of The Cultural Lives of Whales and Dolphins

Web Exclusives

Article - The Path of Kindness: Walking in the Dalai Lama’s Footsteps

A modern day pilgrimage from London to Glastonbury with no money.

Review - An Ecozoic Imagination

Review of Ecozoa

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