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Lines of Hope

Issue 292 • September/October 2015

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Visions of Hope, Ways of Seeing

A poet's holistic view of Nature, social justice and the world can inspire us


Climate Protests Target Fossil-Fuel Firms

Transition to more renewable energy solutions is possible

World's Water Wells Running Dry •

Satellite data shows that aquifers running dry

News From the Grassroots •

Reports from around the world

New Health Curbs Urged on Wi-Fi and Mobile Phones •

Scientists have urged the UN to place stricter controls on mobile phones and Wi-fi

Tributes for Nek Chand •

The artist who created the magical Rock Garden in Chandigarh is honoured


No Room in the Market

A new breed of housing activists are having an impact

Nature and Joy •

How the natural world can inspire us

Framing the Climate Talks &

A guide for environmental action in the run up to the Paris Climate Summit

Why Are Indian Farmers Dying? •

The impact of industrialised agriculture on small farmers


Visions of Heaven •

The influence and inspiration of William Blake


Islam's Warrior for Peace

Reflections on the life of Badshah Khan the 'Muslim Gandhi'

I Speak for the Earth

An introduction to Gaia Theory, first published in Resurgence 1988

Green Mantras for a Sustainable World •

Exploring the Hindu view of Nature

Health and Harmony •

Finding universal value in the work of J.S. Bach

Slow, Small and Simple

Keibo Oiwa in conversation with Satish Kumar

Paradise Lost and Found •

Navigating changing environments

Ethical Living

Sanity and Sanitation •

Waste can be an asset rather than a liability

Choosing Love

Finding compassion in the face of despair

Doggedly Devoted •

Pondering the canine conundrum

Jailed: A Political Painter •

An Amnesty International appeal

Soil Wisdom •

The time has come to celebrate the source of life

Valley of the Dammed •

Vineyards at risk

Better Baking is on the Rise

Real bread is gaining popularity

The Arts

He Walks the Lines •

Richard Long talks about his work and new exhibition in Bristol

A Temple for the Self

Sandy Brown's dramatic ceramic temple takes shape


Poetry - Fusing Nature and Consciousness •

Revisiting the poetry of Walt Whitman

Letters to the Editors

A selection of letters to our editors


A brainteaser full of ecological clues


The Price of Everything

Review of Natural Capital: Valuing the Planet and What Nature Does for Britain

End of An Epoch?

Review of The Anthropocene: The Human Era and How it Shapes Our Planet and Adventures in the Anthropocene: A Journey into the Heart of the Planet We Made

Toxic Legacies

Review of Toms River

Get the Drift

Review of Plankton: Wonders of a Drifting World

There Are Alternatives

Review of The Buddha on Wall Street: What's Wrong with Capitalism and What We Can Do about It

Words to Change the World

Review of Degrowth: A vocabulary for a New Era

Sea Creatures, Sea Cultures?

Review of The Cultural Lives of Whales and Dolphins

Web Exclusives

Article - The Path of Kindness: Walking in the Dalai Lama’s Footsteps

A modern day pilgrimage from London to Glastonbury with no money.

Review - An Ecozoic Imagination

Review of Ecozoa

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