Regenerative Cities

Issue 298 • September/October 2016

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Moving On

A record-holding Editor leaves an important legacy


Nuclear Waste Stockpile

Sellafield waste continues to pose threat

News from the Grassroots

Environmental news from around the globe

Renewable Energy Triumphs

Updates on renewable energy, oil and gas plans and fracking

On Tour with Neil Young

Resurgence joins a 'global village' to spread environmental message

Britain Could Ban Plastic Microbeads

Following legislation in the US, Britain reviews regulations on microbeads

Green Thoughts

Introducing the Silent Space project happening in UK gardens this summer


A is for Agro-Industry

The fluctuating fortunes of bees - a key species for our countryside and our food

Trunk Call

Hamish John Appleby's new book considers the emotional lives of elephants

We Are Sleepwalking into Catastrophe

Unless we tackle runaway inequality, disaster awaits

The Man Who Stood Up For Nature

A tribute to pioneering ecologist George Perkins Marsh

Nature on Holy Ground

The wide eco-values of churchyards


Towards The Regenerative City

Reforming urban life is essential for a sustainable future


Heisenberg: Explorer of Imagination

The continuing influence of Werner Heisenberg, 40 years on

Listening to the Spirit of Place

Sound artist Matthew Shaw urges us to be still and hear who we really are

Nature's Riches

Memoirs from life on a remote Japanese mountainside

Just So Much, and No More

Edited extract from the Resurgence archive, first published in 2002

Nature and Imagination

We need to change the relationship between people and planet

Ethical Living

Knowledge Requires Life Experience

Education should not be all about facts

Turning the Pages

Satish Kumar looks back on 43 years at the helm of Resurgence

The Light and the Dark

In search of illumination

Israel accused over Palestinan activist's detention

An appeal on behalf of Amnesty International

A Turbulent Priest for Peace, Nature and our Time

The life of radical theologian Thomas Merton


Declutterati anyone?

Food for Thought, Memories for Living

Lessons from my grandmother's kitchen

The Arts

Dancing Towards the Point of Bliss

An interview with Miti Desai, classical Indian dancer, designer and teacher

Seeds of Hope

A photographic chronicle of conservation

The Healing Notes of Nature

The songs of Ivor Gurney, a composer scarred by war

Don't Turn your Nose Up At Fragrance

Perfumery is an art form


Poetry - Poets of the Anthropocene

New poetry for our uncertain age

Poetry - A Seeker Reaching To Extremes

The writings of R S Thomas

Letters to the Editors

A selection of letters to our Editors


Saving the World May Not Be So Easy

Review of Designing Regenerative Cultures

We Need To Cut Ourselves Some Slack

Review of Surviving the Future: Culture, Carnival and Capital in the Aftermath of the Market Economy

Myths for the Near Future

Review of Eden 2.0: Climate Change and the Search for a 21st Century Myth

Back to the Roots

Review of Six Steps Back to the Land: Why We Still Need Small Mixed Farms and Millions More Farmers

The Answer Lies In The Soil

Review of Who Really Feeds The World? The Failures of Agribusiness and the Promise of Agroecology

Last Word From a Woodland Sage

Review of The Ash Tree

Web Exclusives

Article - Local Economies: Tipping the Scale

The beauty of economic localisation

Article - Schumacher College at Twenty-Five

Celebrating 25 years of the college as a remarkable place of learning

Review - Chants Encounter

Review of The Buddha in Me, The Buddha in You

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