Brave New Worlds

Issue 299 • November/December 2016

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Making A Better World

We need courage, curiosity, effort - and to learn our limits


Energy News

Updates on renewable energy and plans to phase out fossil fuels

Giant Boom Plan to Mop Up Ocean Waste

An innovative way to deal with plastics in the world's oceans

News from the Grassroots

Environmental news from around the globe

Sri Lanka Protects Mangrove Forests

Introducing legislation to ensure the survival of mangrove forests

Conservationists Urge Action to Halt Decline in Wildlife

Calling on the British government to do more to protect Nature

Richard Neville

A tribute to the founder of Oz magazine


Echoes of War Amid The Sound of Nightingales

A nature reserve has flourished on the Hoo Peninsula, once home to the military

Going Against the Grain

An insight into the work of agricultural revolutionary John Letts, the farmer of lost seeds

We Need New Mythologies to Face the Environmental Crisis

To deal with the environmental crisis we need more than strong policies

Exterminating the Amaranth

A valuable species of nutrition is at risk from GM technologies


Brave New Worlds

500 years since Utopia the appeal of an ideal community still grips our imagination


Greens Must Get Going

Environmentalists must take the initiative to secure protection for the environment post Brexit

Beyond Brexit, Look Locally For Hope

Localisation can heal the traumas of globalisation

Small is Still Beautiful

Progressive green thinkers have been seduced by the EU and bypassed by a modern day Peasants' Revolt

Local Democracy is Neither Local Nor Democratic in Scotland

So far devolution has concentrated, not diffused, power in Scotland

Ethical Living

Madness, Myth and Metaphor

Manic depression can reveal profound poetic truth

A Quieter Voice

A poem inspired by the Quakers

Turkish Human Rights Lawyer Faces Jail

An appeal on behalf of Amnesty International

Glass Full of Meaning

Philip Baldwin and Monica Guggisberg artists in glass

The Bigger Picture

Reflections on scarcity, abundance and essentials

Greatness Through Humility

Extract from an interview first published in the March/April 2000 issue of Resurgence

Lessons in a jacket

The seasonal virtues and cultural history of the potato

The Arts

Seeing the Wood for the Trees

Reporting on an arts project set in the forest

A Calling for the Wild

The landscape paintings of Tony Foster


Poetry - Rhythms of the Seasons, Power of Place

An appreciation of Thomas Hardy's poetry

Letters to the Editors

A selection of letters to our Editors


Seeing the World Half Empty

Review of Half-Earth: Our Planet's Fight For Life

Living to the Full

Review of The Abundance

Journeys With a Magical Healer

Review of Quentin Blake: In the Theatre of the Imagination - An Artist at Work

Wake Up and Smell the Food Fraud

Review of Bread, Wine, Chocolate and Sorting the Beef from the Bull

Walking Into Illumination

Review of Six Facets of Light

Still Spinning

Review of Connect: How Companies Succeed by Engaging Radically with Society

Web Exclusives

Article - Reflections of Land and Labour

The daily meditations of nature writer Stewart Collis

Article - Man of Vision

The ecological and spiritual philosophy of Aldous Huxley

Article - Green Thinking By The Sea

A Cornish hotel balancing luxury and comfort with sustainable and ecological principles

Review - Between Fiction and Reality

Review of A Utopia Like Any Other: Inside the Swedish Model

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