Real Wealth

Issue 302 • May/June 2017

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Wealth That Really Matters

We need a new economics, for people and planet


Anti-Coal Actions Spread

Report on the growing campaign against fossil fuels

Fracking Firms Face New Opposition

Anti-fracking protests continue in Lancashire

New Call for A Fairer Global Economy

Oxfam urges corporate responsibility, aid for women, and curbs on tax dodging

Sudanese Political Activist Held Incommunicado

An appeal on behalf of Amnesty International

Resurgence News and Events

Updates and events from Resurgence, including Poetry Prize winners, London Talks and Resurgence Summer Camp

News from the Grassroots

Environmental news from around the world


The Surprising Power of Low Tech &

We need solutions to the environmental crisis that are affordable and effective

From Weeds to Wonder

Reflecting on weeds and landscape

Home on The Range - But For How Long?

East African pastoralists face increasing pressures on their way of life

We're Still Stronger Together

A profile of Vivian Woodell, social entrepreneur and cooperative visionary


Towards an Economy That Works

Making the case for prosperity without growth

Degrowth - the Economics of the Future

Filka Sekulova is a leading activist and advocate for economies based on rejecting endless consumption


Working for a World Without War

How we can build peace in a world full of war

Tuning in to a high-rise Future

The dramatic rise in China's population brings with it challenges

Ethical Living

From Nationalism To Glocalism

Taking power away from the EU and giving it to global players is not the answer

Reality Bites

Virtual environments will be the future normal

I'm Like, So, Metaphoric

Sparking up for the Energy Awards

Cradles of Morality

Our early ideas of right and wrong are innate



An poem taken from You Took the Last Bus Home, a collection of poetry by Brian Bilston

The Arts

The Restless Genius of Print

A major exhibition of the work of Katsushika Hokusai opens in London

Turning the Tide: A Celebration of the Ocean

Exploring the environmental thinking behind a major new exhibition in Hull, the 2017 UK City of Culture

Musical Medication

A profile of Abida Parveen, an extraordinary Sufi singer

Net Gains

Turning recycled fishing nets into works of beauty


Poetry - The Quiet Voice of Humanity

Celebrating the rare power of Polish poet Adam Zagajewski

Letters to the Editors

A selection of letters to our Editors


A Prophet In His Own Place

Review of The World-Ending Fire: The Essential Wendell Berry

Down To The Last Drop

Review of Water in Plain Sight Hope for a Thirsty World

A Pioneering Professor For Peace

Review of Adam Curle: Radical Peacemaker

Wanted: A True Climate Fiction

Review of The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the Unthinkable

Making Waves

Review of Greenpeace Captain: Bizarre Wanderings on the Rainbow Warrior

Trading Places

Review of Progressive Protectionism: Taking Back Control

Web Exclusives

Article - A Coastal Ecology Is Melting Away

The surprising impacts of deglaciation on Arctic shorebirds

Review - Tides of Thought and Feeling

Review of Driftfish: A Zoomorphic Anthology

Review - A Shiny Green Future

Review of The Switch: How Solar, Storage and New Tech Means Cheap Power for All

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