Call of the Wild

Issue 338 • May/June 2023

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In this issue of Resurgence & Ecologist we take a listen to the ‘Call of the wild’. Artist Jim Naughten shares his vision of Eremozoic – the Age of Loneliness with wildlife canvases as disturbing as they are beautiful. Ecologist editor Brendan Montague steps into an ‘educational wilderness experience’ in the African bush where his biggest surprise is his own response to the wild; whilst wild traveller Angela Maxwell describes learning how to deftly find her way across the wilds of the Australian desert – and her own life – by listening with her feet, and her heart.

The Slow Read is a call to action by John Pearce, author of Gaia: A Faith for the Future, in which he shares his plan to build an environmental Movement with a capital ‘M’. In The Ecologist pages Anna Badkhen and others share what they see as the harrowing environmental fallout from the war in Ukraine; whilst in Connected Life Abigail Entwistle argues that it is time for a more diverse recognition of what Nature conservation takes and what actually works.

In our Wisdom and Wellbeing section artist Matthew Shaw, one of the founders of the Stone Club, shares how a thriving community and inclusive space has been created based on a shared reverence for ancient stones. Our Wild Arts section features an interview by Anna Souter with artist Ingela Ihrman who talks about her extraordinary new sculpture at the Eden Project which is designed to disappear.

As we explore the theme ‘Call of the wild’ through the pages of our May/June issue, the invitation is to ask: what does wild mean to you?


  • Building a Movement: John Pearce
  • Mutual Aid: Jan Goodey
  • Alien Worlds: Steve Nicholls
  • Into the Wild: Brendan Montague
  • First Came the Landscape: Anna Souter
  • The Glorious World of Wild Flowers: Stephanie Boxall

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The Story of this issue

An invitation to ask: what does wild mean to you?


Community - News from the Resurgence Community

Introducing Resurgence Ripples

Letters to the Editors

A selection of letters to the Editor

Archive - Power of Wild

The paintings of Bangladeshi-born Shafique Uddin evoke an intimate kinship between all creatures


Ecologist Editors' Picks

Top stories from The Ecologist environmental news website

The environmental fallout of war

Exploring the impact of war in Ukraine on the ecology and environment

The dragon of war

Turning to art to make sense of the senseless

Devastating wildlife

Counting the cost for wildlife of the war in Ukraine

Mutual aid in action

Just Stop Oil activist on the realities of prison life

Connected Life

The importance of living with Nature

The case for a more diverse definition of Nature conservation

Alien Worlds

An invitation into the world of insects

Bristol 2023: a global movement for change comes of age

The Planet Local Summit will be a pivotal movement for those still hoping for real change

Why economics without ethics is so wrong

A tribute to the author of Small is Beautiful which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year

Feature Articles

Building a New Movement

A blueprint for a new environmental movement

Call of the Wild

The age of loneliness

An interview with artist and photographer Jim Naughten

Into the wild

Stepping into an "educational wilderness experience"

True connection

Navigating the wild requires us to pay attention and listen deeply

Art and Culture

Portraits through plants

Exploring the work of ceramicist Katie Spragg

First came the landscape

When a piece of art has been designed to disappear back into the landscape, when does it stop being art?

A wave-lashed wilderness

Finnish author Tove Jansson had a life-long affinity with the wild

Wisdom and Wellbeing

Stone Club

How a thriving community built of a shared love of old stones emerged

The glorious world of wild flowers

Getting to know wild flowers on your doorstep can deepen your connection to Nature

The golden misfit

On the glory of the dandelion and sharing some earthy recipes


An urgent call to action

Review of Nomad Century: How to Survive the Climate Upheaval

A focus on the ongoing injustices

Review of Hot Take

The dignity of traditional herding

Review of Hoofprints on the Land: How Traditional Herding and Grazing Can Restore the Soil and Bring Animal Agriculture Back in Balance with the Earth

The power of sharing

Review of Thanks for Sharing

Exploring the spiritual nature of environment

Review of Grounded: A Journey into the Landscapes of Our Ancestors

Honest, powerful and raw

Review of Twelve Moons: A Year Under a Shared Sky

Connecting plant threads

Review of Gathering Moss: A Natural and Cultural History of Mosses

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