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Images of Motherhood

Issue 341 • November/December 2023 • Navigating Climate Anxiety > Art and Culture

Exploring how representations of mothers and their children in art since ancient times have reflected social change

A wave-lashed wilderness

Issue 338 • May/June 2023 • Call of the Wild > Art and Culture

Finnish author Tove Jansson had a life-long affinity with the wild

Solidity and Delicacy

Issue 336 • January/February 2023 • Immersion > Art and Culture

How the transient works of sculptor Maria Bartuszová can evoke a passage of being

Drawing Power From Plants

Issue 333 • July/August 2022 • What's in a Word > Art and Culture

Exploring the history of women botanical illustrators

Free Wheeling

Issue 330 • January/February 2022 • The Future in Our Hands > Connected Life

Exploring how cycling has helped women's emancipation

Weeds of Connection

Issue 329 • November/December 2021 • Living Cities > Art and Culture

Inspired by the work of street artist Mona Caron

The Bigger Picture

Issue 324 • January/February 2021 • Resilience > The Arts

Liza Adamczewski on her #1000 Postcard Project that sends 'little messages from Nature'

A Mosaic of Sacrifice

Issue 322 • September/October 2020 • Lessons for the Future > The Arts

Interview with extreme craftivist Carrie Reichardt

Cheering on a Figurehead

Issue 321 • July/August 2020 • Recovery Time > Ecologist

Reflections on the legacy of Greta Thunberg two years after the first school strikes

Home Is Where the Art Is

Issue 321 • July/August 2020 • Recovery Time > The Arts

The enchanting work of sculptor Walter Bailey

A Common Thread

Issue 318 • January/February 2020 • A Lot on Our Plates > The Arts

Comparing the work of May Morris and Vanessa Barragão

Degrowth - Less is More

Issue 317 • November/December 2019 • Where Do We Grow From Here? > Undercurrents > Degrowth

The highs and lows of living off-grid

Disposable Culture

Issue 315 • July/August 2019 • Leading the Field > Ecologist

A festival can be environmentally friendly

Pushing the Right Buttons

Issue 314 • May/June 2019 • Pathways > Undercurrents

Celebrating the legacy of Greenham Common and its relevance today

Finding the Plot

Issue 311 • November/December 2018 • All Is One > Undercurrents

A historical guerrilla movement could create positive outcomes for the UK's housing crisis

Life's Rich Pattern

Issue 309 • July/August 2018 • The Food Issue > The Arts

Exploring the work of environmental artist Liz McGowan

A Visual Tale of Society, Politics and Prophecy

Issue 307 • March/April 2018 • A Song for Spring > Reviews

Review of Youth Unemployment

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