Finding Kinship

Issue 339 • July/August 2023

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In this issue of Resurgence & Ecologist we explore the idea of becoming better kin and all the ways we might do that, including taking better care and more notice of the millions of invisible carers – young and older. We highlight a new literary prize that celebrates writing as respite for carers, and Satish Kumar invites us to think about our kinship with the one thing we all share, in his meditation on taking care of the Land.

The Slow Read is by Chandran Nair, founder of the Global Institute For Tomorrow. Nair suggests that nobody is entitled to disturb Nature in order to experience a sense of ‘awe’, and that not only is it high time to leave Nature alone, but the time has also come for an active, managed retreat.

In our Ecologist pages Roman Goergen reports on a fascinating study by Canadian scientists who noticed a strong link between the distribution of different Indigenous languages and the distribution of genetically different grizzly bears, and in Connected Life we join self-proclaimed orchid outlaw Ben Jacob on one of his clandestine rescue forays.

In Wisdom and Wellbeing we meet exuberant ‘rebel gardener’ Alessandro Vitale to talk zero waste food production and indigenous urban gardening, and in Art & Culture Annie Warburton reviews Ai Weiwei’s current exhibition Making Sense at London’s Design Museum.


  • The ocean and us: Farah Obaidullah
  • Planting in a changing climate: Charlotte Sterland
  • The ‘awe’ industry: Chandran Nair
  • A different kind of therapy: Anita Roy
  • The rebel gardener: Susan Clark
  • Unravelling the history of people and planet: Nick Robins

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The one thing we all share…

Finding new ways to prioritise kinship 


Community - News from the Resurgence Community

Resurgence Ripples - a celebration of positive action

Letters to the Editors - Letters to the Editor

A selection of letters to the Editor

Archive - Nature-deficit disorder

Children cannot enjoy the gifts of nature if adults are saying one thing (get outdoors) and doing another (staying inside)


Ecologist Editors' Picks

Top stories from The Ecologist environmental news website

The ocean and us

Why setting up Women4Oceans matters

Jerry Mander


Grizzly spoken here!

Reporting on the link between the distribution of indigenous languages and genetically different grizzly bears

Connected Life

Quietly vanishing

Saving the world one orchid at a time

Arizona's superbloom

Capturing a desert spectacle that only happens once in a generation

Planting in a changing climate

An interview with Kevin Martin, head of tree collections at Kew Gardens

Feature Articles

The 'Awe' industry

It's time to leave nature alone and plan a managed retreat


We should all be carers

One way or another caring will affect us all

Writing as respite

Exploring the powerful link between caring and writing

A different kind of therapy

Jolted back to full senses with the help of a barn owl

A new meditation on the land

We should all be taking care of what matters most

Wisdom and Wellbeing

The rebel gardener

Alessandro Vitale - aka Spicy Moustache - on how growing what he eats and wasting nothing connects him to nature

Entangled beings

Exploring questions about human entanglement with the 'more-than-human'

Real change comes from within

There can be no real external changes without first making the internal ones needed

Art and Culture

Making sense

A review of Ai Weiwei's new show at the Design Museum

A fragile beauty

Celebrating the Nature writer Willa Cather who deserves to be better know outside of her native America


Unravelling the history of people and planet

Review of The Earth Transformed: An Untold History

Why there's still hope

Review of Five Times Faster: Rethinking the Science, Economics, and Diplomacy of Climate Change

Debunking the myths

Review of Delusions of Gender: How Our Minds, Society, and Neurosexism Create Difference

The miracle of flight

Review of Taking Flight: The Evolutionary Story of Life on the Wing

The sorrow of separation

Review of Wild Mind, Wild Earth: Our Place in the Sixth Extinction

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