Embodied Wisdom

Issue 262 • September/October 2010

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Tagore: A People's Poet

A vision of wholeness and Integrity.


Ecocide in Paradise

Indigenous landowners are stripped of traditional land rights.

Profit Before Planet

Exposing the reality of 'Beyond Petroleum'.

The World's Most Polluted Places

Cleaning up toxic waste.

Trees for Global Benefit

How carbon finance can work for the poor.

Groundbreaking Allotments

Bridging the gap between demand and supply of horticultural land.

Boreal Bargaining

Debate rages over the world's largest forest 'conservation' agreement.


The Tragedy of Biodiversity

Why conservation mus change to 'stand up' for the whole of nature.


How this dying tradition plays a role in supporting biodiversity.

East and West

A modern sage shares his thoughts on living in harmony.

Letter from Japan

Younger Japanese consumers are rejecting material abundance.

Getting off the Treadmill &

Could our medieval ancestors know something that we don't?


Embodied Wisdom

Exploring the embodied condition of the integrated human experience.


What if?

A lost number in the equation.

The Age of Absurdity

Why modern life makes it hard to be happy.

Part of the Whole

A human being is a part of the whole.

Biocultural Diversity


Those species most able to adapt will survive climate change.

The Arts

Lucid and Wild

Celebrating landscape artist William Crozier.

Paul Gauguin

Tate Modern presents Gauguin: Maker of Myth.


Projections - Celluloid Connections

Film can be a platform for personal transformation and global change.

Recipes - Pumpkin Magic

The ultimate comfort food from an autumn staple.

Big Foot, Little Foot - Food, Glorious Food

Cottage industries are the future.

Slow Travel - The Kindness of Strangers

Discovering the true meaning of hospitality.

Pioneers - Nature Pioneers

Celebrating three grassroots pioneers who champion biodiversity.

A Sense of Place - The Draw of the Desert

Finding inner freedom as a pilgrim in the Sinai Desert.

Gardening - The Alchemy of the Compost Heap

The most important thing in the garden is your compost heap.

Poetry - The Nature of Being

Collected Poems of P.K. Page.

Letters to the Editors - Benefits of Reforestation

A selection of letters to our editors.

Members' Page - Nature's Language

Earth Vision Nature Writing Contest.


Flights of Imagination

Review of The Running Sky: A Birdwacthing Life by Tim Dee

Lost Chances

Review of Eaarth: Making Life on a Tough New Planet by Bill McKibben

Singing the Truth

Review of The Honey Gatherers by Mimlu Sen

A Search for Wisdom

Review of The Tao of Liberation by Mark Hathaway and Leonardo Boff

Eloquent Epistles

Review of Letters from an Extreme Pilgrim by Peter Owen Jones

Seeking a New Idealism

Review of The Age of Absurdity by Michael Foley

Humble Stewardship

Review of Creating a Forest Garden by Martin Crawford

Manifesto for our Time

Review of Common Wealth by Martin Large

The Sacred Universe

Review of Celebrating the visionary works of the late Thomas Berry

Web Exclusives

Article - Awesome Science

Science can accelerate the transition to sustainability.

Article - Gauguin: The Man Behind the Show

Guaguin produced work of great quality that pushed the boundaries.

Article - Your Countryside Needs You

Community engagement is the key to creating sustainable 'living landscapes'.

Article - Derek Neville, Poet of Nature

Expression of the soul.

Article - Reconnect with the Living World

Rekindling The Waters: The Truth About Swimming with Dolphins

Article - New Heights for Online Campaigning

You could be one click away from changing the world.

Article - Bullfighting Ban

Animal rights protestors applaud new law.

Article - Saving Cambodia's Forests

Traditional design and latest technology combine to create enegy-saving stove.

Article - A State of Wellbeing

Ryan's Well Foundation.

Article - Cleanse Oil Stains from the Arts

Freeing the arts from the taint of black gold.

Article - Painting A New Picture

Recycling paint benefits the environment.

Article - Lighter Later Update

MP backs parliamentary bill for lighter evenings.

Article - Restoring Woodland

Restoring trees and natural woodlands in ‘the Desert of Tanzania.

Article - Tapestry Weaving

An experiment in creativity.

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