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Victor de Waal

Edmund De Waal

Huw Wahl

Daniel Christian Wahl

Peter Waine

Elizabeth Wainwright

Naomi Wakan

Tom Wakeford

HRH The Prince of Wales

Caroline Walker

Canon Keith Walker

Dory Walker

Kim Walker

James Wallace

Martin Wallen

Robert Waller

Joan Walley

Jay Walljasper

Joan Wallley

Jonathan Walpole

Caspar Walsh

Sarah Walsh

Harland Walshaw

Natasha Walter

Annie Warburton

Colin Ward

Diana Ward

Liz Ware

Russell Warfied

Russell Warfield

Michael Warhurst

Felicity Warner

John Warnes

Dan Warrender

Hugh Warwick

Andrew Wasley

Robin Waterfield

Andrew Waterhouse

Guy Watson

Gay Watson

Alan Watson Featherstone

Alan Watts

Jonathan Watts

Georgina Weaver

Andreas Weber

Sue Webster

Roy Webster

Hugh Webster

Jessica Wegener

Rupert Wegerif

Hilary Weir

Alan Weisman

Andy Weisman

Adam Weismann

Ernst Von Weizsäcker

Susie Weldon

Claire Wellesley-Smith

Liz Wells

James Wells-Bruges

Marion Wells-Bruges

Françoise Wemelsfelder

Dale Jiajun Wen

Kali Wendorf

Adam Wentworth

Justin West

Teri West

Richard Westcott

Gill Westcott

Adam Weymouth

Sue Wheat

Kitty Wheater

Margaret Wheatley

Roger Wheeler

Roger Ash Wheeler

Victoria Whelan

Phil Whitaker

Emily Unsworth White

Patrick Whitefield

John Whitelegg

Andrew Whitley

Sir John Whitmore

John Whitmore

Jeremy Wickremer

Judy Wicks

Tim Wigley

Kim Wilkie

Rosemary Wilkie

David M. Wilkinson

Judy Wilkinson

Richard Wilkinson

Jenny Willan

Emmanuel Williams

Anne Williams

Archbishop Rowan Williams

Terry Tempest Williams

Ann Williams

Heathcote Williams

Shirley Williams

Rowan Williams

Rebecca Willis

James Wilsdon

Edward O. Wilson

Ken Wilson

E.O. WIlson

Varuni Wimalasiri

India Windsor-Clive

Andrew Wingfield

Mark Winne

Langdon Winner

Ben Winston

Sophie Wisbrun-Overakker

Timothy A Wise

Rosanna Wiseman

Rogan Wolf

Alexis Wolf

Joanna Present Wolfe

Adam Wolpert

Christopher P. Wood

Sarah Wood

Paul Wood

Vyv Wood-Gee

Alex Woodcock

Mike Woodin

Talia Woodin

Anna Woods

Dee Woods

Ella Woodward

Tracy Worcester

Ken Worpole

Chris Wright

Martin Wright

Jude Wright

Adria Wu

Lynne Wycherley

Jon Wynne-Tyson

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