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Wangari Maathai

Wangari Maathai founded Kenya's Green Belt Movement and is Assistant Minister for Environment, Natural Resources and Wildlife -

Richard Mabey

Richard Mabey is a writer and broadcaster with a special interest in the relations between nature and culture. His books include Food For Free and Flora Britannica as well as his award-winning biography of Gilbert White, and his recent memoir Nature Cure, which was shortlisted for both the Whitbread and Ondaatje prizes. He is Vice-President of the Open Spaces Society and lives in Norfolk.

Fiona MacCarthy

Mia MacDonald

Peter Macfadyen

Robert Macfarlane

Miriam MacGillis

Max Mackay-James

Mags MacKean

Archie MacKenzie

Rory Maclean

Rory Maclean ’s latest book, Magic Bus: On the Hippie Trail from Istanbul to India, is published by Penguin at £7.99. For more information please visit: or

Donna Rawlinson Maclean

Hilary Macmillan

Jane MacNamee

Jenny MacPherson

Joanna Macy

Joanna Macy is a scholar of Buddhism and general systems theory, whoses books include, 'World as Lover, World as Self; The Dharma of Natural Systems', and, 'Rilke's Book of Hours', with Anita Barrows.

Eric Maddern

Rebecca Maddocks

Luisa Maffi

Geez magazine

Magid Magid

Phil Maillard

Shakti Maira

Shakti Maira is a painter and philosopher

Usha Maira

Usha Maira is a home-maker and teacher.


Niti Majethia

John Makepeace

Juan Mayr Maldonado

Josep-Maria Mallarach

Sanjoy Kumar Mallik

Gill Maltby

Angela Malyon-Bein

Udi Mandel

Nelson Mandela

Jerry Mander

Jerry Mander is Founder of the International Forum on Globalization and is now Senior Fellow. In the 1970s he formed the first non-profit advertising agency in the US, the Public Media Center, which campaigned internationally for Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and other environmental and anti-war efforts. He is also Program Director of the Foundation for Deep Ecology.

Marcus Mander

Emmanuel Manjura

John Manoochehri

Michael Mansfield

Victoria Manthorpe

Kevan Manwaring

Jessie Marcham

Robin Le Mare

Lynn Margulis

Patrick Markee

Patrick Markee is Senior Policy Analyst for the Coalition for the Homeless.

Stacy Marking

Nic Marks

Laura Van Marle

Andrew Marr

Alwyn Marriage

Alwyn Marriage is a poet, writer and freelance environmental consultant.

James Marriott

James Marriott is the author of The Fables of Gog & Magog written as part of platform's project, 90% Crude.

Philip Marsden

Philip Marsden is a travel writer and novelist, and author of The Crossing Place: A Journey Among the Armenians (Flamingo, 1994).

David Marsh

David Marsh co-authored The Driving Force; Food in Evolution & the Future (1989) and Nutrition and Evolution (1995), with Professor Michael Crawford.

Rachel Marsh

Peter Marshall

Katherine Marshall

Robbie Marsland

Ken Martin

Gary J Martin

Gary Martin

W. Thomson Martin

Suzi Martineau

Dennis Martinez

Fi Martynoga

Steve Marvell

Survival, Bushcraft and Wild Food instructor at Art & Science of Survival. RNLI Helmsman at Clovelly RNLI. Author of the Survival's Cool blog. Can be found giving talks and demonstrations at Bushcraft & Survival events.

Giuseppe Mascoli

Ian Mason

Jane Mason

Mike Massingham

Jeffrey M Masson

Ivan Massow

Ivan Massow was Chairman of the Institute of Contemporary Arts.

Riccardo Mastini

D. K. Matai

Baby Mathews

Freya Mathews

Fred Matser

Paul Matthews

Paul Matthews is a poet who teaches at Emerson College, where he recently hosted an 'Earth Songs' day. He is an organiser of the summer gathering, 'Poetry OtherWise'.

Laurence Matthews

Alison Matthews

Manfred Max-Neef

Matt Maxwell

Rashid Maxwell

Brian May

Edward Mayer

Lucy Mayhew

Robin Maynard

Ed Mayo

Carolyn Mazloomi

Jo-Anne McArthur

Andrew McAulay

Marian Van Eyk McCain

Marian Van Eyk McCain writes on matters relating to ecology, health, spirituality and living lightly on the Earth. Her books Elderwoman and The Lilypad List are published by Findhorn Press.

Donnachadh McCarthy

Michael McCarthy

Kerry McCarthy

John McClaughry

Chris McCoy

Christopher McCoy

Kristine McDivitt Tompkins

Angus McDonald

Alex McDonald

William McDonough

William McDonough is an architect. He was named a Hero for the Planet by Time magazine and received the first and only Presidential Award for Sustainable Development.

Pamela McElwee

Darren McGarvey

Kirsty McGee

Kirsty McGee is a freelance eco-arts journalist and campaigner and is the Arts Editor of Ethical Consumer magazine.

Andy McGeeney

Iain McGilchrist

Jacquie McGlade

Alastair McIntosh

Alastair McIntosh is a Fellow of Edinburgh's Centre for Human Ecology and author of Soil and Soul: People versus Corporate Power (Aurum Press).

Virginia McKenna

Viginia McKenna

Bill McKibben

Bill McKibben is the author of The End of Nature and a fellow of the Harvard Center for the Study of Values in Public Life.

Donald McKinney

Andrew Mclaughlin

Polly McLean

Margot McLean

Ewan McLennan

Christopher McLeod

Lucy McRobert

George McRobie

Lynne McTaggart

Michael Meacher

Michael Meacher MP was Environment Minister in the UK government from 1997 until 2003 and gave the Schumacher Lecture, 2003.

Michael Meacher MP

Geoff Mead

Donella Meadows

Donella Meadows was a professor of environmental studies at Dartmouth College, USA.

Leah Fanning Mebane

Liz Medler

Laurence Mee

Michael W Mehaffy

Vijay Mehta

Jojo Mehta

Julia Meiklejohn

Peter Melchett

Peter Melchett is the former Executive Director of Greenpeace UK.

Sara Melendro

Mary Mellor

Leo Mellor

Miguel Mendonça

Miguel Mendonça is a researcher, writer and campaigner for the World Future Council. He is the author of Feed-in Tariffs: Accelerating the Deployment of Renewable Energy.

Yehudi Menuhin

Sylvain Mercadier

Matthew Merritt

James Merryweather

Ralph Metzner

Pamela Michael

John Michell

Mary Midgley

Mary Midgley is a philosopher, scientist and writer.

David Midgley

Richard Milburn

Garry Fabian Miller

Jeremy Miller

Joe Miller

Selina Mills

Selina Mills is a freelance reviewer, writing on art and travel.

Stephanie Mills

Stephanie Mills is the author of Epicurean Simplicity. She wishes her garden were bigger and her back stronger.

Howard Milner

Czeslaw Milosz

Karina Miotto

Maya Kumar Mitchell

Maya Kumar Mitchell is editor of The Resurgence Craft Anthology.

June Mitchell

June Mitchell is a former editor at Resurgence.

Adrian Mitchell

Clio Mitchell

Siobhan Mitchell

Joni Mitchell

Mukti Mitchell

Jonathan Mitchell

Simon Mitchell

Andrew Mitchell

Daniel Mittler

Kenji Miyazawa

John Moat

John Moat John Moat is a poet, artist and author of Rain and Other Stories

Johannes Moeller

Salim Mohamed

John Mohawk

John Mohawk is a Seneca Indian activist and philosopher. He is professor of Indian Studies at the State University of New York.

George Monbiot

George Monbiot writes a column in the Guardian and is an activist in The Land Is Ours movement.He is author of Captive State (Macmillan).

Charles Montagu

Peter Montague

Brendan Montague

Sheila Moorcroft

Thomas Moore

Thomas Moore is a former Catholic monk. He is author of many books including Care of the Soul and Original Self.

Helen Moore

Natalie Moore

CJ Moore

Ali Moore

Anita Moorjani

Andrew Moravcsik

Eka Morgan

Horatio Morpurgo

Michael Morpurgo

Jackie Morris

Brian Morris

Blake Morrison

Claire Morsman

Jenny Morton

Kara Moses

Ivo Mosley

Stephen Moss

Andrew Motion

Kevin Mount

Richard Mountford

Dave Mountjoy

Ruben Mowszowski

Ruben Mowszowski is a South African writer.


Mozi, original name Mo Di, was a Chinese philosopher of the 4th-5th century bce.

Rebecca Mørch

Bernd Mueller

Arthur Mugisha

Antara Mukherji

Chief Isapwo Muksika Crowfoot

Geoff Mulgan

Geoff Mulgan is the author of Connexity: How to live in a Connected World, published by Chatto at 17.99. He is a policy advisor to the Prime Minister, Tony Blair and founder of Demos.

Christa Müller

Kenny Munro

Alan Munton

Alexander Murdin

Dervla Murphy

Suzy Murphy

Brian Murphy

David Murphy

Robin Murray

Leo Murray

Peter Murray

Andy Murray

Donald Murray

Hylton Murray-Philipson

James Murray-White

Willow Murton

Thembi Mutch

Andrea Mynard

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