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John Pack

Felix Padel

Phil Page

Rajesh Pai

Bepkororoti Paiakan

Juhani Pallasmaa

Martin Palmer

Ann Palmer

Dominique Palmer

Jill Pangman

Andrew Papworth

Michael Paraskos

Hannah Parathian

Bikhu Parekh

Sir Peter Parker

Louisa Adjoa Parker

Sara Parkin

Sara Parkin is a Founder Director of Forum for the Future. She contributed to the development of Green parties worldwide, playing various roles that include leading the UK Green Party and the European Greens during the 1970s and 1980s. In 2001 she was awarded an OBE for services to education and sustainable development.

Doug Parr

Doug Parr is Chief Scientist and Director of Policy, Greenpeace UK.

Douglas Parr

Glenn Aparicio Parry

Jashbhai Patel

Neema Pathak

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

Helena Paul

Gunter Pauli

Gunter Pauli built the first ecological factory, only to realize that his biodegradable soaps relied on palm oil and his rising demand caused the destruction of millions of acres of rainforest. He started redesigning business models at the United Nations University in Tokyo (1994-1997) and pursued his work at the ZERI Foundation. His latest book The Blue Economy: 100 innovations 10 years 100 million jobs - A Report to the Club of Rome is published by RedWing in the USA and has been translated into +30 languages.

Giselle Paulino

Sarah Payne

Fred Pearce

Fred Pearce is a regular contributor to New Scientist.

Nick Pearson

Nick Pearson is Chair of the Council of The Temenos Academy.

David Pearson

Rosie Pearson

David Peat

Nicola Peel

William Peers

William Peers is a sculptor. He exhibits at the John Martin Gallery, 38 Albemarle Street, London, W1 3FB. Tel: 020 7499 1314.

Philip Pegler

Esther Díaz Pérez

Hannah Perkins

Imelda Perley

Grayson Perry

Andrea Perry

Jenny Pery

Raul Peschiera

Pascale Petit

Carlo Petrini

Carlo Petrini is a world-renowned chef and founder of the Slow Food movement.

Ann Pettifor

Ann Pettitt

Abhi Phatak

Peter Phelps

Catherine Phillips

Catherine Phillips is a writer and editor of academic books on the collections of the State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, where she has lived for the last fifteen years.

Marcia Phillips

Anne Phillips

Li An Phoa

Jenny Pickerill

Bill Pickering

Kate Pickett

Sara Mohr Pietsch

Jordi Pigem

Jordi Pigem was chief editor of the ecology magazine Integral and core Lecturer in Philosophy for the MSc in Holistic Science at Schumacher College (1998-2003). He is a philosopher, writer, and joint runner-up in the Resurgence and Scientific & Medical Network Essay Competition 2003 .

Simon Pigott

John Pilger

John Pilger is a London based journalist.

Sarah Pilgrim

Andy Pilsbury

Annette Pinner

Luke Piper

Amanda Pissani

Camille Pissarro

Matteo Pistono

Ralph Pite

Max Planck

Robert Plastow

Lorraine Platt

Ian Player

Peter Alfred Please

Bill Plotkin

Nicole Pohl

Simone Poirier-Bures

Simone Poirier-Bures teaches writing at Virginia Tech University in the USA. She has published three books of fiction and memoir and is now completing a travel memoir about Kyrgyzstan.

Sophie Poklewski Koziell

Sophie Poklewski Koziell is Co-Editor of Resurgence and co-author of, 'Britain - New Politics and Culture: DIY for Those Tired of Waiting'.

Sebastian Pole

Michael Pollan

Karine Polwart

Julia Ponsonby

Peter Popham

Jonathon Porritt

Jonathon Porritt is Chair of the Sustainable Development Commission and Programme Director of Forum for the Future.

Helen Porter

Darrell Addison Posey

Darrell Addison Posey was the Director of The Working Group on Traditional Resource Rights, Oxford.

Jem Poster

Neil Postman

Ruth Potts

Richard Povall

Martin James Powell

Chris Powici

Chris Powici is a university lecturer and poet.

Adele Poynter

Madhu Suri Prakash

Ghillean Prance

Ian Prattis

Jules Pretty

Jules Pretty Jules Pretty is Professor of Environment and Society at the University of Essex.. He is the author of The Living Land and a government adviser.

Tony Curzon Price

Anne Price-Owen

Penny Priest

Anne Primavesi

Rose Prince

Sue Pritchard

Sarah Proctor

Hannah Prothero

Hannah Prothero is a writer and potter.

Linda Proud

Philip Pullman

Dr Arpad Pusztai

Charlie Pye-Smith

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