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Catherine Early

Heather Eaton

Sven Eberlein

Masoumeh Ebtekar

Junko Edahiro

Piers Moore Ede

Glen Edney

David Edwards

David Edwards is author of, Free to be Human, and his second book, Power and Compassion, is published by Green Books.

Michael Edwards

Susan Burnell Edwards

Arthur Edwards

Amanda Edwards

Joanna Eede

Jo Eglen

Kailah Eglington

Tewolde B. G. Egziabher

Tewolde B. G. Egziabher is Director General of the Environmental Protection Authority of Ethiopia, and co-founder of the Institute of Sustainable Development.

David Ehrenfeld

David Ehrenfeld is Professor of Biology in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, Rutgers University, New Jersey. He is the author of Swimming Lessons: Keeping Afloat in the Age of Technology.

Jon Ehrenfeld

Albert Einstein

Charles Eisenstein

Paul Ekins

Tarek El Diwany

Anthony Eldridge-Rogers

Duane Elgin

John Elkington

John Elkington is Chairman of Sustainability Ltd. and co-author of Who Needs It? Market Implications of Sustainable Lifestyles, 1995, and Engaging Stakeholders, 1996.

Erica M. Elliott

Dave Elliott

David Elliott

Gordon Ellis

Joey Foster Ellis

William Elmhirst

Scilla Elworthy

Paul Engles

Brian Eno

Robert Ernst

Kate Eshelby

Peter Essick

Gustavo Esteva

Alex Evans

Cecil Evans

Roy Evans

Christine Evans

Patrick Evans

Paul Evans

Jonathan D. Evelegh

Mark Everard

Jon Every

Harry Eyres

Harry Eyres is the Slow Lane columnist for the Financial Times. His first poetry collection, Hotel Eliseo, was published by Hearing Eye in 2001.

John Ezard

The Resurgence Trust is an educational charity (Charity Number: 1120414) that publishes Resurgence & Ecologist magazine,, and to promote ecological sustainability, social justice and spiritual values.

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