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Feasting & Fasting: Connecting the Plate and the Planet

Issue 251 • November/December 2008

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Focus on Food

Food is a microcosm of the macrocosm.


A Fair Trade First •

The birth of the world's first 'Fair Trade Nation'.

Beyond Words •

The art of communication through touch.

Creative Construction

Re-evaluating business practice.

Rainforest Progress

Legal agreements that give hope for the future of the Amazon forests.


Natural Religion •

Where science meets spirituality.

The Silence of the Greens

Why do environmentalists choose to ignore the problem of over-population?

Feasting & Fasting

Food for the Soul

Food has a profound capacity for meaning and conviviality.

In This Bowl •

A poem from Miriam Darlington' s book Windfall.

Joy of Cooking •

The kitchen is the place in the home where the juices flow.

Good Intentions

The cultural and spiritual significance of Ramadan.

Baking Bread •

Baking home-made bread for the first Resurgence Slow Sunday.


The joys of a traditional North Devon Christmas Festival.

The Age of Nutritionism •

The bad science behind nutritionism?

Raw Vitality •

Discover the raw and vegan delights of living foods.

Baking Real Bread •

Modern bread is on the road to nutritional nowhere.

People's Food

The wondrous variety of the common spud.

What then should we eat? •

Make an informed decision about what's on your plate.

Food Security •

Eat locally and seasonally.


Poetry - The Poetry of Ronald Duncan • &

Poems from Ronald Duncan's Collected Poems.

Short Story - An Intimate Operation •

For us, you were a living link to another kind of place.

Recipes - Mid-winter Festival •

Joyous feasts of the winter solstice.

Nature Writers - The Moth Wood

Bringing nature writing alive with words, wit and wisdom.

Letter from America - Mission Impossible

Changing the US economy to one that respects the limits of natural systems.

In the Field - The Pink-Footed Farmers •

The mystery and wonder of watching migrating birds.

Letters to the Editors - The Lie of the Land

Members' Page

Let's Feast for Resurgence Slow Sunday.

The Arts

The Space Between

Beauty lies in the places where there is seemingly nothing.

Points of Enchantment •

An engaging interview with Ben Okri.


Towards the Real

Review of Hungry City: How Food Shapes Our Lives.

Fundamental Failings

Review of Sea Change: Britain's Coastal Catastrophe.

Decisions to Succeed

Review of Plan B 3.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization.

A Progression of Thoughts

Review of The Bill McKibben Reader: Pieces from an Active Life.

A Good Life Redefined

Review of Do Good Lives Have to Cost the Earth?

Reimagining the World

Review of The Power of Unreasonable People.

Web Exclusives

Article - Christmas Cradles

Dried fruit and good tidings, all wrapped up in a mince pie.

Article - Going with the Grain

Artisan flour-milling is playing an essential role in producing specialist flours.

Article - Health Imperative

The quality and quantity of food we produce should be in harmony.

Article - Food is Everything

Hunger created by human greed is an expression of a violent and unjust world.

Review - Books in Brief &

Review - How Are We Doing?

Review of The art of knowing where and who you are.

Review - Recommended reading

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