Intrinsic Values

Issue 265 • March/April 2011

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Our Core Values

We need to live by intrinsic values


Selected Words of Wisdom

Inspiration from women farmers in Gharwal Himalaya

Strive for wellbeing

A proverb from Rajasthan


Stairway to Heaven

Growing Food on the roof of a supermarket

No More Playing God

UN declares moratorium on climate techno-fixes

A Sea is Revived

A dam brings good news

Sister Act

All-women trekking agency empowers women in Nepal

Sutton Life Centre

An innovative new eco-building to inspire young people

Birchwood Specialist

A rare sawfly is found at a Caledonian Forest Conservation site

Back From the Brink

Conservation efforts to save rare snakes

Large as Life

Campaigning art you can see from space

Photo Feature

Celebrating 45 Years

Champions of intrinsic values


Transcending Self-interest

Why we should never apologies for values that create a fairer world

A Call to Humility

We need to design cities fit for humans and Nature

Moral Housekeeping

The Archbishop of Canterbury shares his vision for 'correcting' values that led to the collapse

Pilgrim or Tourist?

Exploring the real journey we must all make

Music for Peace

How the music of Bach inspires the author's peace-building work


Islam and the Environment

We need look no further than timeless wisdom to get back on track

The Arts

Dirty Art &

Two earth artists explain how they create colour from natural pigments

Cosmic Colours

A paint-maker shares her discovery of the deeper meaning of colour

The Age of Beauty

Celebrating the life of Botticelli

The Art of Liberation

Reviewing Tate Britain's Romantics Rehang exhibition


Deep Spirit - Living In Earth

Moments of joy in nature are gifts to be treasured

Projections - Wild Nature

Movies about wilderness evoke a passion and respect for vivid wild landscape

Recipes - Baking Bread

To be or not to be vegan?

Pioneers - Reawakening Gandhi

Campaigner Rajagopal has reawakened the spirit of nonviolent protest

Slow Travel - A Holy Pilgrimage

Finding peace and tranquillity at the source of the Ganges

Nature Writers - The Pond

Witnessing the miracle of a normally hidden watery world

Gardening - The Resurgence Peace Garden

A garden that represents a symbolic journey in search of our true nature

Opinion - Keeping Watch

The right to know what we are eating is a sacred right

Letters to the Editors - The Real World

A selection of letters from our readers

Poetry - Writing as Witnessing

The work of Linda France

Members' Page - Stop Ocean Plastics

Working to reduce the amount of plastic in the marine environment

Members' Page - How to Start a Readers' Group

Create an opportunity to meet with Resurgence readers and share ideas


Little Magic

Review of Truda Lane's Lifelines

Abstract Affinities

Review of Kurt Jackson: A New Genre of Landscape Painting

A Stellar Life

Review of On Gandhi's Path: Bob Swann's Work for Peace and Community Economics

Thinking Outside the Box

Review of The Case for Working with Your Hands

Green the World

Review of GreenSpirit: Path to a New Consciousness

Blueprint for Change

Review of Plenitude: The New Economics of True Wealth

Treading Lightly

Review of Climate and Christ: A Prophetic Alternative

Saturated with Soul

Review of Becoming Animal: An Earthly Cosmology

A More Human World

Review of Personal Growth African Style

A New Logic

Review of The Positive Deviant: Sustainability Leadership in a Perverse World

Web Exclusives

Article - Unsustainable Subsidies

Assessing the impact of industrial biofuel production

Article - The Riches of Burma

A new species of snub-nosed monkey is discovered

Article - The Resurgence Garden

Gardens are a vehicle for reconnecting with the Earth and inner peace

Article - Back to Front Gardening , &

An inspirational project that encourages the use of front gardens for food production

Review - Butterfly Wings and Why

Review of Butterflies: Messages from Psyche

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