Tagore - The Big Vision

Issue 266 • May/June 2011

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The Wisdom of Tagore

A tribute to Rabindranath Tagore


Look to this Day •

Yesterday is but a dream

Geographical Boundaries •

The East and West must join hands in pursuit of truth

I Slept and Dreamt •

I have become my own version of an optimist


Whose Land is it Anyway? •

Environmentalist Lester Brown warns of a new age of hunger

Home Farm Project •

An alternative future for African agriculture

The Tree of Life Forest •

Germinating hope in Haiti

Love Where You Live •

Litter is a matter of bad design

Rethinking the Age of Stupid

Cinema for social change

It's Cool To Be Kind •

Creating a chain reaction of generosity

Timeless Tagore

Universal Tagore •

Introducing the poet and his big vision

Who Was Rabindranath Tagore? •

Tagore's packed life was full of many outstanding achievements

We Are All Related

Tagore shares his thoughts on the unity of all life

The Great Truth •

The poet reveals his vision of 'right' education

In the Field

The often overlooked story of Tagore's pioneering work in rural development

A Meeting of Minds •

Excerpts from a conversation between both men in 1930

The Mathematician and the Mystic &

How Tagore and Einstein tussled with the great question: What is reality?

A Precious Legacy •

How Tagore and the Elmhirsts founded Dartington Hall in Devon

Tagore Festival Highlights •

Presenters and performers at the Tagore Festival, Dartington

The Jiban-debata •

Exploring the mysterious force that underpinned Tagore's life and work

The Relevance of Tagore •

Tagore's poetry and philosophy are as relevant today as ever

A Vision to Serve •

Sharing a personal selection of Tagore's transformative poetry

A Visual Expression •

Tagore started painting later in life, but his work is still influencing modern Indian art


A short story by Rabindranath Tagore


Voice From The South - Forests and Freedom

Forests have been central to India's creative expression through centuries

A Sense of Place - Rethinking Conservation

The time is ripe for a new relationship with the natural world

The Occasional Didymus - The High Ground •

Novelist John Moat looks back fondly on his first summer with a non-motorised lawnmower

Letters to the Editors - Different Coices

A selection of letters from our readers

Members' Page - Dance of Life

Tagore was a man ahead of his time

Members' Page - Tagore and Dartington Exhibition

Curating the work of a poet eight times as prolific as Milton was a challenge

Members' Page - Beautiful Wales •

A report from the Resurgence group in Wales


Inner Depth

Review of A Taste of Tagore

Kinship with Nature

Review of I Won't Let You Go: Selected Poems

The Professor and the Poet

Review of A Meeting of Two Minds: Geddes Tagore Letters

The Meaning of Existence

Review of Einstein: A Hundred Years of Reality

Leading By Example

Review of Harmony: A New Way of Looking At Our World

Pale Green

Review of The Plundered Planet: How to Reconcile Prosperity with Nature

Story of A Spiritual Agnostic

Review of Destination of the Species: The Riddle of Human Existence

Web Exclusives

Article - Plastic Islands

Cleaning up the seas by creating artificial landmasses

Article - Gaza Youth Manifesto

Students in the Gaza strip feel betrayed by the international community

Article - Evolutionary Leadership

We already have a blueprint for a new kind of leadership

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