Walking Back to Happiness

Issue 295 • March/April 2016

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Spring In Our Step

When we walk together we become forces for change


Social Justice Must Accompany Action on Climate Change

Outside of the diplomatic circles at COP21, NGO's called for political change

Women Farmers Take Centre Stage

Drawn to the Land exhibition checks nation's pulse amid independence debate

News from the Grassroots

Reports from around the world

Doug Tompkins obituary

Tycoon-turned-conservationist working to rewild swathes of South Africa


2050: We Can Make It

While the current carbon-reduction targets are not enough, there are other ways to avert climate change

The Women Leading China's New Organic Army

A new approach to farming is helping to break the country's addiction to pesticides

A New Pact With the Planet

A 10-point pledge to the Earth


Meaning Is Not In Things, But In The Betweenness

True wellbeing is found in our relationships


Writers on Walking

Quotes to introduce a special series of articles on walking


Walking Back to Happiness

A therapy found in Nature

Walking In Paradise

Extract from James Hillman's article on walking first published in 1988

Lost and Found in No Man's Land

The joys of rediscovering a childhood landscape

Pavement Pleasures

Reclaim the city streets

Thoughts In Our Footsteps , &

A walk in solidarity with refugees

Healing Patterns from the Past

Jill Purce believes our ancestors may still directly affect our lives, health and wellbeing

Ethical Living

My Life On The Move

The spirituality of walking

If We Are What We Eat, We're In Trouble

Are we what we eat?

Fears Rise for Vietnamese Rights Activist

An Amnesty International Appeal

Vegetarianism is the Only Green Option

A compelling case for vegetarianism

What's App? iWorry about that

Entering the digital matrix

The Arts

A Walk on the Wild Side

A night-time, open-air drama that explores the dark side of our relationship with Nature

Women Sweep Resurgence Eco-Poetry Prize

The winning entries

The Master of Inscape

The eco-poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins

Landscapes of Eternity

The environmental undertones in Dante's masterpiece

Sailing for Sanctuary

The Boat People sculptures of Peter Adams


Letters to the Editors

A selection of letters from our readers


A brainteaser full of ecological clues


Take Care, Not Control, of Our Planet

Review of The Planet Remade: How Geoengineering Could Change the World

Coming Together, Drifting Apart

Review of The Globalization of Inequality

The Sweet Taste of Excess

Review of Sugar

Dead Reckoning

Review of Death and the Afterlife, and Entertaining Judgment: The Afterlife in Popular Imagination

Being Right Here, Right Now

Review of Our Only World: Ten Essays

Provoking Putin

Review of Don't Trust, Don't Fear, Don't Beg: The Extraordinary Story of the Arctic Thirty

The Museum as Encyclopaedia

Review of My Hermitage: How the Hermitage Survived Tsars, Wars and Revolutions to Become the Greatest Museum in the World

Where Two Worlds Meet

Review of Coastlines: The Story of Our Shore

Web Exclusives

Article - Old Roots, New Shoots

Thoughts on the origins of plant life, plus a seasonal recipe for nettle and sunflower seed spread

Article - From Me to We

The soul is central to the future of humanity

Review - Testament to the Past

Review of Antiquarian Remains of Jharkhand

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