Issue 324 • January/February 2021

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In this issue of Resurgence & Ecologist we celebrate resilience. The community response to the challenges of 2020 has shown that our connections with each other can weave a safety net of resilience against the hardest times. With this in mind, in this issue we visit communities across the world, from London to Zimbabwe, to explore how, despite differences in culture, climate and history, people are building resilience amid uncertainty. From having fun together in the kitchen, to bringing back traditional grain, to organising ecosystem restoration camps, connecting people with each other and Nature is key.

Elsewhere, Colin Tudge, co-founder of the Oxford Real Farming Conference, explores the connection between food banks and land ownership, and Anne Baring takes us back four millennia to a time when worship of the Great Mother was replaced by the Great Father, and the dire consequences this had for the future of humanity.


  • An interview with Magid Magid: Renuka Odedra
  • Fenced In: Colin Tudge
  • Farming for Justice: Claire Ratinon
  • Nourishing Community: Dee Woods
  • Grains of Hope: Method Gundidza

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New year Cheer

People across the world are building resilience amid uncertainty


Helping Delhi's Waste Workers Boost Recycling

Tackling plastic pollution with an app

Slow But Sure

Introducing a new people-powered walking network

News From the Grassroots

A round up of environmental news stories

Resurgence Community News

Sustainable development in India, Nepal library update, and reflections on the film Rise


Disrupting the Status Quo One Squat at a Time

An interview with Magid Magid, former lord mayor of Sheffield and Green Party MEP

The Green Munias

Reporting on conservation efforts to save India's 'green ones'

As Lovely as a Toad

A good photograph can help protect an entire ecosytem

Closing the Net on Salmon Farming

Artist duo Cooking Sections talk about their new exhibition at Tate Britain

Fenced In

To reform farming we have to look at the bigger picture

Farming For Justice

A grassroots collective is challenging racism in the UK


Our Crucial Time of Choice

The replacement of the Great Mother by the Great Father four millennia ago initiated the process of our separation from Nature


Resilience - Pathways into the Future

To survive the crisis of our time we cannot be superior to our source of life

Resilience - Nourishing the Community

Food justice 'actionist' on the impact of the Granville Community Kitchen within the community

Resilience - Eating with Dignity

A new series on Farmerama Radio 'Who Feeds Us?' celebrates small-scale producers and community growers

Resilience - Grains of Hope

In the memories of our elders lies a vision for the future

Wisdom and Wellbeing

Kindness and Coronavirus

We can't allow the pandemic to break the circle of hospitality

Give and Take

Reflecting on the genius of generosity

Welcome to London

A grassroots walking project is helping refugees

Seasonal Light

Winter is a time to enjoy the sensations of the season

The Arts

Moving Images

Animated films are a powerful means of expressing our connection with Nature

The Bigger Picture

Liza Adamczewski on her #1000 Postcard Project that sends 'little messages from Nature'


Poetry - Seeing Into The Life of Things

Exploring new poetry amid a reflective period of lockdown

Letters to the Editors - Letters to the Editor

A selection of letters to our editor


Kindness Amid Crisis

Review of Pandemic Solidarity: Mutual Aid During the Covid-19 Crisis

A Useful Guide to Hope

Review of Hope in Hell: A Decade to Confront the Climate Emergency

The Last Word

Review of Fifty Words for Snow

Mary Anning Rocks

Review of The Fossil Woman: A Life of Mary Anning

Celebrating a Great American Tradition

Review of A Wild Love for the World: Joanna Macy and the Work of Our Time

Guiding Spirit

Review of Riders on the Storm: The Climate Crisis and the Survival of Being

The Warrior Saint

Review of See No Stranger: A Memoir and Manifesto of Revolutionary Love

The Meaning of Sacrifice

Review of The Life of the White Mare: Sobriety and Enchantment

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