A Song for Spring

Issue 307 • March/April 2018

issue cover 307

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Rising to the challenges of today's world with compassion


Compassionate Community Project

Tackling loneliness and isolation reduces health bills

News From the Grassroots

A round up of environmental news from around the globe

Ancient Forests Safe For Now &

European legal ruling may protect Poland's primeval woodland at risk from logging

Journalist Jailed

An appeal on behalf of a journalist jailed in Turkey over a painting of conflict

Concern Over Wireless Technology

Reporting on new moves to counter electro-magnetic pollution

Campaign for New Resurgence Centre

Reader support helps our campaign for a new Resurgence centre for education


Embracing Nature

Our delight in Spring reflects our connection with nature

The Telling Sound of Spring

Listening to the song of the skylark

A Shared Path to a Flourishing Food System

Factory farms are threatening nature in the wild

A Green Revolution &

On the gulf between green rhetoric and reality in Ecuador


The Life Required

At a time of ecological and economic crisis, we must recast our ideas of economics


Compassion is the Best Medicine &

A community project is cutting hospital admissions by reducing social isolation

Does My Dog Love Me?

Acknowledging that animals experience complex emotions can teach us a lot about being human

Making Fashion a Force For Good

Reporting on a campaign to improve conditions for garment workers

Ethical Living

The True Meaning of Economy

For a better world we need to reject the illusion of limitless economic growth

Local Spirit

The winemakers of Catalan on the call for independence and its impact on their livelihoods

Seeing and Feeling Ourselves in Others

Stories of empathy and understanding

Return to the whole

A brief pause

Poetry To Go

Offering bespoke verse to order

The Arts

Festival of the Faiths

An annual celebration of sacred music in Fez

We Need to Rewild the Novel

A call for a greening of new fiction

Organic Forms From the Earth Itself

The archetypal sculpture of Ken Smith


Poetry - A Vision of Awe, From An Island Eden

Reappraising the eco-poetry of Edwin Muir

Letters to the Editors

A selection of letters from our readers


Worlds Unto Themselves

Review of Islander: A Journey Around Our Archipelago

A Premier and A Conservationist

Review of Indira Gandhi: A Life in Nature

A Visual Tale of Society, Politics and Prophecy

Review of Youth Unemployment

The Alternative? We Need New Stories

Review of Out of the Wreckage: A New Politics for an Age of Crisis

Planetary Communism

Review of Humankind: Solidarity with Non-human people

A Nourishing Read

Review of Fertile Edges: Regenerating Land, Culture and Hope

Web Exclusives

Article - A Manifesto for Compassionate Communities &

A call to create more compassionate communities

Article - Standing Together to Defend the Sacred

Reporting from Portugal on environmental and indigenous activism

Article - We Need a Schools Revolution

Schools should be ethical, inclusive and equitable

Article - Ocean Plastic

We don't need more Resolutions, Declarations and Conventions; we need more action

Article - Follow Your Bliss . . .or Follow Your Blisters?

Will Gethin explores mythologist Joseph Campbell’s mantra for a meaningful life.

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