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Living Cities

Issue 329 • November/December 2021

issue cover 329

In our November/December issue we are marking COP26 with a special issue dedicated to cities. Currently, more than half the world’s population live in cities – a number expected to rise to over two thirds by 2030. Cities are energy hungry, and major emitters of greenhouse gas emissions. As well as being a cause of the crisis, however, with better planning, transport and food, cities are also part of the solution.

Features include: Laura Haynes imagines city life through a prism of past, present and future; Herbert Girardet explains why creating regenerative urban systems is key to solving the crises of our times; and Mothiur Rahman introduces new municipalism and looks at how to restructure cities so they better serve the local community.

In Wisdom & Wellbeing, Jini Reddy takes a walk and finds magic in the city and Nat Mady shares tips on urban gardening; whilst in Arts Ellie Harrison discusses public transport and art activism in Manchester.

We hope you enjoy our selection of free articles from this issue of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine.


  • Laura Haynes: A Matter of Time
  • James Marriott: A Century-long Traffic Jam
  • PL Henderson: Weeds of Connection
  • Stephen McMurray: Urban Recovery
  • Satish Kumar: Time to Rebuild
  • Martha Dillon: Stories by the Fire

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Roots and Buds

A journey through our living cities

Feature Articles

A Matter of Time •

Imagining city life through a prism of past, present and future

Connected Life

A New Age

Regenerative cities are the key to the crises of our times

Troubled Water

Taking a look back at the Great Stink of Victorian London

Life in Mumbai's Waste Mountains •

Meeting residents who are trying to solve the city's waste problems

News •

Initiatives to tackle global waste

A Century-long Traffic Jam

How oil has shaped our cities

Driving Home Reality •

Sharing news of a 'subvertising' campaign

Space Matters •

Civic planning needs to put communities first

Positive Action

Equality - Our Hope for a Future

The path out of growth addiction starts in our cities

The Glasgow Effect

There is a cure for the city's ills

Connecting Wealth and Health •

How Preston is leading the way

Ecologist News •

Highlighting top stories from The Ecologist website

Building Blocks

COP26 promises focus on a previously neglected issue

Driving Out Cars •

A review of some leading car-free city campaigns

Art and Culture

Setting the Stage for Better Public Transport

The story behind the show Bus Regulation: The Musical

Weeds of Connection •

Inspired by the work of street artist Mona Caron

Wisdom and Wellbeing

Positive Growth

Tips on urban gardening

Roots in the Streets •

A quest to find significant urban trees in Britain and Ireland

Urban Recovery •

Bringing Nature into our cities is vital to improve mental health

Listen In •

A piece of sound art in London invites us to come closer

Finding Magic in the City •

Balancing the desire to explore with the need to feel safe

News •

Saving migrating birds, dark sky lighting, and the benefits of woodland

Holding on to Hope •

Extract from the letter Dear Pilgrims which featured in a pilgrimage to Glasgow

Time to Rebuild

Cities should not be a block to sustainable living


Letters to the Editor

A selection of letters to our Editor

Resurgence Community News •

News and campaigns from the Resurgence community


Reimagining What's Possible

Review of Seven Ways to Change the World: How to Fix the Most Pressing Problems We Face, and Go Big: How to Fix Our World

Stories by the Fire

Review of Smoke Hole Sessions Podcast

Mapping the Future

Review of The Atlas of Disappearing Places: Our Coasts and Oceans in the Climate Crisis

Beginning, Middle - and End?

Review of Our Biggest Experiment: A History of the Climate Crisis

The Power of Science

Review of The Physics of Climate Change

Bird's-Eye View

Review of The Bird-friendly City: Creating Safe Urban Habitats

Sustainability - Medieval Style

Review of Wir konnten auch anders: Eine kurze Geschichte der Nachhaltigkeit (‘We Could Do Things Differently: A Brief History of Sustainability’)

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