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Issue 329 • November/December 2021

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In our November/December issue we are marking COP26 with a special issue dedicated to cities. Currently, more than half the world’s population live in cities – a number expected to rise to over two thirds by 2030. Cities are energy hungry, and major emitters of greenhouse gas emissions. As well as being a cause of the crisis, however, with better planning, transport and food, cities are also part of the solution.

Features include: Laura Haynes imagines city life through a prism of past, present and future; Herbert Girardet explains why creating regenerative urban systems is key to solving the crises of our times; and Mothiur Rahman introduces new municipalism and looks at how to restructure cities so they better serve the local community.

In Wisdom & Wellbeing, Jini Reddy takes a walk and finds magic in the city and Nat Mady shares tips on urban gardening; whilst in Arts Ellie Harrison discusses public transport and art activism in Manchester.

We hope you enjoy our selection of free articles from this issue of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine.


  • Laura Haynes: A Matter of Time
  • James Marriott: A Century-long Traffic Jam
  • PL Henderson: Weeds of Connection
  • Stephen McMurray: Urban Recovery
  • Satish Kumar: Time to Rebuild
  • Martha Dillon: Stories by the Fire

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Roots and Buds

A journey through our living cities

Feature Articles

A Matter of Time

Imagining city life through a prism of past, present and future

Connected Life

A New Age

Regenerative cities are the key to the crises of our times

Troubled Water

Taking a look back at the Great Stink of Victorian London

Life in Mumbai's Waste Mountains

Meeting residents who are trying to solve the city's waste problems


Initiatives to tackle global waste

A Century-long Traffic Jam

How oil has shaped our cities

Driving Home Reality

Sharing news of a 'subvertising' campaign

Space Matters

Civic planning needs to put communities first

Positive Action

Equality - Our Hope for a Future

The path out of growth addiction starts in our cities

The Glasgow Effect

There is a cure for the city's ills

Connecting Wealth and Health

How Preston is leading the way

Ecologist News

Highlighting top stories from The Ecologist website

Building Blocks

COP26 promises focus on a previously neglected issue

Driving Out Cars

A review of some leading car-free city campaigns

Art and Culture

Setting the Stage for Better Public Transport

The story behind the show Bus Regulation: The Musical

Weeds of Connection

Inspired by the work of street artist Mona Caron

Wisdom and Wellbeing

Positive Growth

Tips on urban gardening

Roots in the Streets

A quest to find significant urban trees in Britain and Ireland

Urban Recovery

Bringing Nature into our cities is vital to improve mental health

Listen In

A piece of sound art in London invites us to come closer

Finding Magic in the City

Balancing the desire to explore with the need to feel safe


Saving migrating birds, dark sky lighting, and the benefits of woodland

Holding on to Hope

Extract from the letter Dear Pilgrims which featured in a pilgrimage to Glasgow

Time to Rebuild

Cities should not be a block to sustainable living


Letters to the Editor

A selection of letters to our Editor

Resurgence Community News

News and campaigns from the Resurgence community


Reimagining What's Possible

Review of Seven Ways to Change the World: How to Fix the Most Pressing Problems We Face, and Go Big: How to Fix Our World

Stories by the Fire

Review of Smoke Hole Sessions Podcast

Mapping the Future

Review of The Atlas of Disappearing Places: Our Coasts and Oceans in the Climate Crisis

Beginning, Middle - and End?

Review of Our Biggest Experiment: A History of the Climate Crisis

The Power of Science

Review of The Physics of Climate Change

Bird's-Eye View

Review of The Bird-friendly City: Creating Safe Urban Habitats

Sustainability - Medieval Style

Review of Wir konnten auch anders: Eine kurze Geschichte der Nachhaltigkeit (‘We Could Do Things Differently: A Brief History of Sustainability’)

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