Sustaining Life

Issue 261 • July/August 2010

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People Planet Health

Healthy people need a healthy planet.


Ocean Waste

A 60 ft catamaran made from recycled bottles is raising awareness of marine pollution.

Become a Robin Hoodie

Taxing the banks to tackle poverty.

The Mosaic of Nature

Earth restoration in schools.

A GM Hot Potato

Disregarding the precautionary principle.

This Is Not a Rainforest

Challenging EU sustainability criteria.

Community Forestry &

Integrating local values into protected area management in Uganda.


Health Warning

How climate change will impact on human health.

Sustaining Life

The forgotten link between human health and biodiversity.

Ecological Health

Why a new definition of health must be an ecological one.

Health Care Without Harm

How the health sector could set the bar for more sustainable practice.

Medicines From Nature

Plant cures from tribal peoples.

Unlocking The Grief

Tackling the emotion behind mental health problems.


The Peace of Wild Things

I rest in the grace of the world.


An inquiry into the human condition.

Loving is Eternal Innocence

I believe in the world like I belive in a marigold.


Eternal Beauty

Investigating the nature of beauty.

The Ecology of Growth

How new economic thinking is challenging the old models.


Dismantling Development

Equity and wellbeing will define the new post-development age.

The Arts

The Language of Flowers

The sensuous flower paintings of Winifred Nicholson.

Italian Renaissance Drawings

Celebrating the synthesis of art, Nature and science.

A Sacred Symbol

On the trail of the flower of life.


Voice From The South - Blindspots and Biases

India's proposed Food Security Act is deeply flawed.

Big Foot, Little Foot - Low Carbon Holiday

Whatever you want from a holiday, keep your carbon footprint low.

Recipes - Scrumping in the Rose Garden

A time to bring more edible flowers to our table.

Gardening - Sharing the Garden

To finally know ourselves as part of Nature is te true gift of the summer garden.

Nature Writers - A Mythology for Our Time

Tolkiens trilogy is an extended fable for the causes, effects and solutions to our modern-day woes.

Poetry - Answering Back

A new volume of lyrical poetry from David Constantine.

Letters to the Editors - In Praise of Orchards

A selection of letters to our editors.

Members' Page - Resurgence in the Classroom

Inspiring students with the Resurgence philosophy.


The Two Brains

Review of The Master and His Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World

A Missed Opportunity

Review of Solar

Expect the Unexpected

Review of Modern British Potters and their Studios

A New World in the Making

Review of A Renewable World: Energy, Ecology, Equality

The Nature of Hope

Review of Hope For Animals and Their World: How Endangered Species Are Being Rescued from the Brink

A New Blueprint

Review of Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There from Here

Web Exclusives

Article - Rosewood Ban

Tackling the logging crisis in Madagascar.

Article - Lighter Later

Cutting Carbon by extending daylight hours.

Article - Power Wellies

Eco-friendly mobile phone charging technologies reach a new level.

Article - Ghost Forest

Highlighting the depletion of the world's resources.

Article - Biodiversity and Wellbeing

The vital systems needed for human survival are at risk unless we address biodiversity loss.

Article - The Gift of True Health

Healing beyond the mind and body and into the transpersonal level according to homeopathic principles.

Article - A Rollercoaster Ride of Experience

The Moneyless Man: A Year of Freeconomic Living

Review - Hidden Gems

Review of The Forager Handbook: A Guide To The Edible Plants of Britain

Article - Beyond the Dark Harvest

In reaching only for those things that truly nourish, sustain and enliven us, we move beyond life's trappings and temptations and harvest life itself.

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