Issue 336 • January/February 2023

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In this issue of Resurgence & Ecologist we explore the theme of Immersion and look at how walking for protest or pleasure, trespass or treat is always an invitation to immerse ourselves in Nature. In our themed section Nick Hayes writes about The Right to Adventure and Jonathon Turnbull explores the wild spaces of Kyiv.

In our feature story Ginny Battson dives into the life-enhancing flow of fluminism – those multiple symbiotic processes that sustain all life – and calls on us to nurture the deepest possible respect and responsibility for all life, acknowledging that we are all kin.

In the Ecologist pages Catherine Early talks to Paul Gilding, former head of Greenpeace, about why cutting methane emissions should be a priority; whilst in Connected Life Yasmin Dahnoun finds resilience and hope in a documentary film that explores the impact of climate change on the women of a pastoral community in Malawi.

In Wisdom and Wellbeing, Katherine Aalto considers gardens as a place of sanctuary to the bereaved, and Satish Kumar re-imagines a conversation between Buddha and his son. PL Henderson discovers how the transient works of sculptor Maria Bartuszová can evoke a passage of being, in our Arts and Culture section.


  • Labour’s Energy Dilemma: Chris Saltmarsh
  • The Secret World of Soil: Marissa Land
  • Home: Ginny Battson
  • The Right to Adventure: Nick Hayes
  • Trods, Trails and Tracks: Stephanie Boxall
  • Nature as a Spiritual Teacher: Satish Kumar

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An invitation to immerse ourselves in Nature


Community - News from the Resurgence Community

Award winning project and grateful thanks

Letters to the Editors - Letters to the Editor

A selection of letters to the Editor

Archive - Marching for Justice

How a people's movement based on walking brought change


Ecologist Editor's Picks

Top stories from The Ecologist environmental news website

Who Owns the Wind?

Who is really reaping the benefits from a new offshore wind farm in the North Sea?

Labour's Energy Dilemma

Labour's planned interventions in the energy market don't go far enough

Methane Holds the Key

Former head of Greenpeace on why cutting methane emissions should be a priority now

Connected Life

A Rooted Language of Food

The interweaving of language and food offers true sustenance

The Voices of the Women Facing Climate Change

Film-maker Raj Patel hands the climate change narrative to the women of a Malawi village

The Secret World of Soil

Diving into eco-acoustics to listen in on the sounds of the soil

Feature Articles


The philosophy of Fluminism respects the symbiotic flow between all things


Immersed in Walking

Walking for protests or pleasure is always an invitation to immerse ourselves in Nature

The Right To Adventure

Without a truly experiential connection to Nature how can we care for and about it

Trods, Trails and Tracks

Uncovering stories of our collective heritage along pathways from the past to the present

Into the Kyiv Thickets

These wild spaces of Kyiv were once places of refuge. Now they are mined and booby-trapped

Soft Fascination

Exploring what it is about flowing water that makes us feel so alive

Walk to the Country, Talk to the Country

Indigenous voices share their walking stories to reveal the power of talking to the land

Wisdom and Wellbeing

A Darkening Terrain

How fiction might help us navigate environmental loss

Vanishing Species

We can make a difference, but only when we act together

Grief and the Garden

Gardens can offer sanctuary for the bereaved

Nature as a Spiritual Teacher

A conversation between Buddha and his son Rahul

Art and Culture

Solidity and Delicacy

How the transient works of sculptor Maria Bartuszová can evoke a passage of being

The Colour of its Voice

An insight into poetry that emerged from campaigning at Twyford Down in the early 1990s


Love Letters to the Forests

Review of Ever Green: Saving Big Forests to Save the Planet and The Lost Rainforests of Britain

The Third Runway Saga

Review of Expansion Rebellion: Using the Law to Fight a Runway and Save the Planet

What's Big and Scary?

Review of Yikes

Within the Climate Emergency

Review of The Climate Book

The Real Change-makers

Review of Climate Change as Class War: Building Socialism on a Warming Planet

Purpose and Magic

Review of Fledgling

The Voice of a River

Review of The Po: An Elegy for Italy's Longest River

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