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Issue 331 • March/April 2022

issue cover 331

The March/April issue looks at the theme of Craft: on redefining its place in our disposable culture, how it can bring people together, and be a form of quiet activism.

In the Ecologist pages Catherine Early talks to Carlos Moreno about an idea transforming urban life – the 15-minute city – and James Meadway takes a look at why economic growth should no longer mean rising living standards for the few but must address global inequality.

In Connected Life Anna Turns looks at toxic global chemical pollution and highlights the work of Pure Earth who are helping to clean-up and support those communities seriously affected; whilst Simon Mitambo explains how an insect is helping the Tharakan people revive their culture and Nature.

Our Feature Story is by author and journalist Jeremy Seabrook. In Wisdom & Wellbeing Julia Travers speaks to Noé Álvarez about his 6,000-mile ultramarathon across the Americas and in Art & Culture Gary Cook meets David Nash to discuss trees, ‘going’ sculptures and the climate crisis ahead of his exhibition ‘Full Circle’ at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.


  • Catherine Early: Fifteen-minute 15-minute Cities
  • Fiona Dobson: A Turning Point for Nature
  • Jeremy Seabrook: Culture Shock
  • Amy Twigger Holroyd: Crafting and Commoning
  • Rose Ravetz: Plain Sailing
  • Anna Souter Making Drama Out of Crisis

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Time in Our Hands

A celebration of craft

The Arts

Community - Resurgence News

A selection of stories from our community


Ecologist Editor’s Picks

Top stories from The Ecologist online

The Science of Climate Humour

Welcoming the message behind the comedy 'Don't Look Up!'

Fifteen-minute Cities

Carlos Moreno has an idea about transforming urban life

We Can't Grow on Like This

Economic growth no longer means rising living standards

Connected Life

A Turning Point for Nature?

We need five outcomes from the Convention on Biological Diversity COP15

Mapping Our 'Pollution Landscape'

Toxic chemicals like lead have a global reach

This Place Was Just Rock

A project in Eritrea offers hope for Africa's mountain forests

The Land of Bees

An insect is helping the Tharakan people revive their culture and Nature

Bitter Barks &

The legacies and futures of the fever tree


Culture Shock

Real transformation for a liveable future goes far beyond changes proposed by politicians


New Stories

Introducing our themed section on craft

The Softer Approach

From climate scientist to yarn producer

Make or Break

Traditional skills are in danger of dying out

Every Picture Tells a Story

Age-old craft-making is alive in Somerset

Just Dough It

The craft of bread-making is bringing communities together

Making the Political Personal

A craftivism network is addressing immigration one stitch at a time

Crafting and Commoning

The Craftspace project is exploring the points of connection

Wisdom and Wellbeing

Spirit Journey

Noé Álvarez speaks about his 6,000-mile ultramarathon across the Americas

Plain Sailing

An invitation to turn the engine off

Italian Inspiration

Visiting a regenerative farm in Tuscany

Hero With a Thousand Enemies

Revisiting the children's classic Watership Down

Art and Culture

Enough to Go Round

Meeting sculptor David Nash

Making Drama Out of A Crisis

Neena Percy and Lizzy Drury speak to Anna Souter about their film Terrestrial Act


Letters to the Editors - Letters to the Editor

A selection of letters to our Editor

Archive - Changing the World a Stitch at a Time

On Craftivism - the art of gentle protest


The Origins of Equality &

Review of The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity

Missing Meals

Review of Eating to Extinction: The World's Rarest Foods and Why We Need to Save Them

An Anthem for Climate Justice

Review of We Have a Dream

Separation is an Illusion

Review of Dawn of an Era of Well-being

The Invisible Dimension of Farming

Review of Subtle Agroecologies: Farming with the Hidden Half of Nature

Deep Digging on the Family Farm

Review of Landed: Podcast

Colluding with Exceptionalism

Review of Psychological Roots of the Climate Crisis

Telling Time

Review of The Fairy Tellers: A Journey into the Secret History of Fairy Tales

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