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Trouble Brewing

Issue 334 • September/October 2022

issue cover 334

In this issue of Resurgence & Ecologist we explore the theme of one of our favourite cuppas – coffee. We examine the crop’s historical roots and connections with colonialism, and consider farming practices, carbon footprint and the plant’s role in our globalised economy. We also take the story right back to where some people believe our relationship with coffee began and its cultural significance today.

In the Ecologist pages Simon Pirani looks at why and how we should confront the crisis of energy bills. In Connected Life Roman Goergen reports from Portugal, where conservationists are working with farmers to support a rewilding project, and Nicola Cutcher is prompted by a new film to take a deeper look into the dairy industry.    For our feature story, Vandana K speaks with one of India’s best-known writers, Amitav Ghosh, about climate, colonialism and the living planet. In Wisdom & Wellbeing Zainab Mahmood reports on a second-hand South Asian clothing business combining fashion, culture and respect for the Earth, and in Art & Culture Huw Wahl interviews renowned sound recordist Chris Watson about his new multimedia collaboration with the Manchester Collective. 


  • Simon Pirani: End of the World, End of the Month – One Fight
  • Edward Davey: Bridging the Urban-Rural Divide
  • Vandana K: A New World View
  • Catherine Early: A Climate Conundrum
  • Yasmin Dahnoun: This is Your Mind on Coffee
  • Huw Wahl: The Action of Listening

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Real Treasure

We put a price on Nature at our own cost


Hazel Henderson (1933 - 2022) •

A tribute to an economic iconoclast

News from Resurgence •

Earth Goddess and Global Dimensions Project


Ecologist Editor's Picks •

Top stories from The Ecologist environmental news website

Turning Up the Heat •

A trip to Morocco sparks thoughts on COP27

End of the World, End of the Month - One Fight

Fossil fuel dependency is driving up the cost of living

Paying the Price •

A new report urges change in how we value Nature

Connected Life

Predators and Politics

Conservationists are working with farmers to support rewilding in Portugal

Keeping 1.5 Alive

An interview with Simon Oldridge of Zero Hour

Portrait of a Cow •

Taking a deeper look into the dairy industry

Bridging the Urban-Rural Divide •

Author Anna Jones shares thoughts on her new book


A New Worldview •

An interview with acclaimed author Amitav Ghosh about climate, colonialism and the living planet


Making Coffee •

Introducing our themed section on coffee

Counting The Beans &

Farmers in Vietnam are feeling the heat, but there is hope

A Climate Conundrum

Exploring coffee's carbon footprint

This is Your Mind on Coffee •

Author Michael Pollan talks about how a natural stimulant gripped humanity

A Cup of Culture •

Coffee plays an important role in Ethiopian culture

Wisdom and Wellbeing

The Wolf Maple •

Expressing gratitude for a local resident

Sweet Delight

Savouring childhood memories of the Canadian Maple

Starting A New Chapter •

We need to move on from the story of separation

The Law as if People and Planet Matter • &

Celebrating 30 years of the Environmental Law Foundation

Keeping Tradition in Sustainable Style

Reporting on a second-hand South Asian clothing business that is combining fashion, culture and respect for the Earth

Art and Culture

The Action of Listening •

Sound artist Chris Watson talks about his new collaboration

Finding Roots

Following the journey of underwater photographer Zena Holloway


Letters to the Editors - Letters to the Editor

A selection of letters to the Editor

Archive - Art That Transcends •

In memory of art critic Suzi Gablik


Eat to Live &

Review of Regenesis: Feeding the World Without Devouring the Planet

The Price of Meat

Review of The Meat Paradox

Fish Out of Water

Review of Riverwoods: documentary film

An Ecological Awakening

Review of The Disenchanted Earth: Reflections on Ecosocialism and Barbarism

Made in Sri Lanka

Review of Garments Without Guilt? Global Labour Justice and Ethical Codes in Sri Lankan Apparels

Hero's Journey

Review of After the Ithaca: Journeys in Deep Time

Night Vision

Review of The First Astronomers: How Indigenous Elders Read the Stars

Web Exclusives

Article - The Loss of Lovelock

In memory of the creator of Gaia theory

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