A Plea for Empathy

Issue 300 • January/February 2017

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One Humanity, All Our Futures

For our 300th issues, a New Year plea for empathy in a divided world


Fracking Fight Heats Up Around the Globe

Report on the growing resistance to controversial drilling projects

New Zealand River Granted Legal Personhood

A landmark agreement between government and Indigenous groups

Disruptive Chemical "Costing Billions" In Impacts on Health and Economy

New research into endocrine-disruptors

News from the Grassroots

A round up of environmental news stories

Pilgrimage Marks 'Jerusalem' Centenary

Pilgrimage to honour William Blake

Sun shines for Resurgence anniversary conference

Highlights from the One Earth, One Humanity, One Future event


Language of the Land

Hearing the island tongue of belonging and resistance

Here Comes the Sun

Ever-cheaper solar power is just around the corner

We Made A Beeline

The inspiration behind a cross-country trek to highlight threats to Nature

Monarch Facing A Multiple Threat to its Reign

Reporting from Mexico on a natural wonder in peril

The Prophet of Permaculture

A tribute to Bill Mollison the 'father' of the permaculture movement


Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

Cultivating empathy can change our lives


Would a Citizen's Income Get Us Back to Basics

Ending poverty through radical reform of social security

We're All In This Together

Modern science is realising that the world is a living network

The Forgotten Thinker for Earth

Rediscovering environmental visionary Lewis Mumford

Ethical Living

How to Do, and How to Be

The life and teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh

The Good Earth

A Resurgence-sourced poem

Teacher of Calm Abiding

Reflections on a pilgrimage following the route of the Thames

Consciousness Explodes

A shattering lesson on being aware

Death Threats to Activist

An appeal on behalf of Amnesty International

Going Nuts in Winter

Enjoying natural food with seasonal significance

The Arts

A Snake in Dreamtime

Revealing the creative process behind a major new project connecting nature and culture

Branching Out

A forthcoming exhibition showcases the Arborealists - artists inspired by trees

Talking 'bout Our Generation

Reflecting on a major exhibition that evokes the spirit of the sixties


Poetry - Verses to Defy the Dark

Language enhances the quality of care for cancer sufferers

Letters to the Editors

A selection of letters to our Editors


Our Books of the Year

Review of Leading figures from the environmental movement and the arts choose their favourite books from 2016

How Europe Turned From War

Review of Peace Beyond Borders: How the EU Brought Peace to Europe and How Exporting it Would End Conflicts Around the World

Distant Voices Still Live, Warn and Inspire

Review of Ancient Futures

A Chronicler To The Core

Review of The Apple Orchard: The Story of Our Most English Fruit

Why We Should Give A Fig

Review of Ladders to Heaven: How Fig Trees Shaped Our History, Fed Our Imaginations and Can Enrich Our Future

An Iceman Turns Up The Heat

Review of A Farewell to Ice: A Report From The Arctic

Evangelist of Grass

Review of Grass-Fed Nation: Getting Back the Food We Deserve

A Book of Parts

Review of Elemental: An Arts and Ecology Reader

Web Exclusives

Article - Stepping Out With A Song

Modern Pilgrims make 125-mile walk to celebrate the centenary of England's unofficial anthem

Article - Gardening Within Nature

Growing and sharing food from the college garden is key part of life at Schumacher College

Review - When Economic Growth Means Impoverishment

Review of Ancient Futures

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